Cometa Advance Bullpup PCP Air Rifles Soon To Be Available

HAM readers first saw the new Cometa Advance bullpup PCP air rifle when it was announced at the 2019 IWA OutdoorClassics show in Germany. Now it’s approaching production status and Cometa has supplied us with more information for you.

Carabinas Cometa is an airgun manufacturer located in the Basque country of northeastern Spain. Long-established in the industry, the company is notable for producing their own hammer-forged barrels, of which they are very proud.

Cometa Advance Bullpup PCP Air Rifles Soon To Be Available

The Cometa Advance bullpup is not the company’s first bullpup PCP – that’s the Orion BP. However it does offer the significant operational advantage of a mid-mounted sidelever action. The Orion BP uses a rear-mounted bolt action.

Cometa Advance Bullpup PCP Air Rifles Soon To Be Available

The Advance bullpup will be produced in all the expected calibers from .177 cal up to .30 caliber. Available power levels range from a maximum of 74 Ft/Lbs muzzle energy in .30 caliber, decreasing with caliber, as always with PCPs.

In .25 cal, Muzzle Energy is up to 44 Ft/Lbs, Cometa tells us. It’s up to 37 Ft/Lbs in .22 caliber. Fill pressure for the integral 18 Cubic Inch capacity HPA tank is 3200 PSI.

The Advance is compact at a length of 28 3/4 inches. Weight is around 7.5 Lbs. The .30 cal version is slightly longer and heavier than the smaller caliber guns.

Naturally this new model has a regulated action for consistent FPS. It also uses a multi-shot magazine for the pellet feed.

The barrel is shrouded and has provision for attaching attaching an optional sound moderator. Cometa tells us that they have achieved excellent accuracy with the Advance in testing. They attribute this to the quality of their in-house manufactured barrels.

The Cometa Advance is supplied with a hardwood – walnut – stock. There’s also an Advance LT version which has a green/black/brown laminated stock, as shown in some of our photographs.

There’s no news yet on price or availability in the USA. Stay tuned!

You can find out more information on Cometa airguns at the company website.