Coming Next Week – HAM Reports on Airgun News from the IWA Show

Next week, HAM Publisher Stephen Archer will be reporting from Germany on all the airgun news at the 2017 IWA Show.

The IWA Show – actually, IWA Outdoor Classics, to give it the correct title – is the European equivalent of the SHOT Show in the USA. In fact there can be more airgun news at IWA than at the SHOT Show! This is because there are many more exhibitors focused on airguns, due largely to the legislation on firearms that exists in many European countries.

Both IWA and the SHOT Show draw attendees from more than 100 countries and both have been running annually since the 1970s. In fact IWA Outdoor Classics first opened in 1974, five years before the SHOT Show in the USA.

Now, about 45,000 visitors attend IWA, compared to around 65,000 for the SHOT Show. So, both are very, very large events! This is a very strong indication of the worldwide interest in shooting and outdoor sports.

Coming Next Week - HAM Reports on Airgun News from the IWA Show

IWA features many European and Asian airgun manufacturers which are not present in the US market – or at least do not exhibit at the SHOT Show. We’ll be looking for airgun news from many of these companies to add to the airgun excitement that was generated at the 2017 SHOT Show.

IWA Outdoor Classics runs from 3 – 6 March 2017. As always, it’s located in the German city of Nuremberg, home of excellent beer, outstanding bratwurst and very friendly people.

To get some idea of what we can look forward to at IWA, take a look at the airgun news in the HAM reports of last year’s  show…

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So, to keep up with the latest airgun news from the 2017 IWA show, keep checking out Hard Air Magazine next week.

The photographs illustrating this post are courtesy of NuernbergMesse.