Coming Soon! A New LCS Air Arms SK-19 .30 Caliber Model

Airguns of Arizona has announced that a new air rifle will be available soon. The new LCS Air Arms SK-19 .30 caliber adds an additional dimension to the selective-fire LCS Air Arms platform.

Due to the larger caliber ammo, the .30 cal SK-19 has a built-in magazine holding 17 rounds. Like the SK-19 models in smaller calibers, it’s also capable of both semi- and fully-automatic fire.

Muzzle Energy is up to 95 Ft/Lbs for this new model.

As you would expect, this level of power leads to less shots being available from the standard, 480cc HPA bottle. In fact, about AoA advises that about 40 shots are available from one fill. In practice, you’d probably want to refill with High Pressure Air after two magazines worth of shooting.

Most owners will probably choose to gain a higher shot count per fill by choosing one of the higher-capacity HPA tank alternatives. AoA lists a 580 cc HPA bottle alternative on their website, for example.

For even more shots per fill, the Air Superiority V-Twin Dual Bottle Adapter allows two HPA bottles to be mounted on the SK-19 at one time. These could be twin 580cc bottles, giving a total onboard HPA capacity of 1160 cc.

In this specced-up configuration, the LCS Air Arms SK-19 .30 caliber model will give close to 100 shots per fill. That’s more than 5 magazines worth of shooting per fill. Now we’re really talking!

You can read more about the LCS Air Arms SK-19 platform in this HAM review of the .22 caliber version.

AoA is now taking pre-orders for the .30 cal SK-19. Delivery is scheduled for June 2021. The selling price is $2,189.00, but a $500.00 deposit holds your place in line…

LCS Air Arms SK-19 Automatic .30 Air Rifle