Coming Soon – The Ataman MB20 Slug Gun

The Ataman MB20 is another new product from the Russian manufacturer that we would have seen at the cancelled IWA OutdoorClassics 2020 show.

Ataman tells Hard Air Magazine that the MB20 is a dedicated slug gun. It’s designed for use with slugs – primarily HEAVY slugs – up to 38.5 Grains in .22 cal and 50.9 Grains in .25 caliber.

Coming Soon - The Ataman MB20 Slug Gun

The Ataman MB20 has a sidelever action – as you would expect. There’s a “push across” manual safety.

An 8-round magazine feeds pellets into the 23.6-Inch long barrel while power is provided by a carbon fiber 480 cc HPA bottle. In order to achieve the high power, the action is unregulated, working with a maximum HPA bottle fill pressure of 210 bar (3.045 PSI).

There’s a shrouded barrel and long Picatinny rail for scope mounting.

Current Ataman plans call for the MB80 to be manufactured with a choice of elegant stocks. Walnut, and Saepele redwood are to be joined by a black soft-touch finished wood. HAM is not sure yet if all these stock choices will make it to all countries: hopefully they will.

The overall length of the Ataman MB20 is 34.06 Inches and the weight is in the 8.8 to 9.3 Lbs range, depending on the stock material. Obviously a scope will add to that weight.

Coming Soon - The Ataman MB20 Slug Gun

Power level for the .22 caliber version is up to a maximum of 67 Ft/Lbs using 38.58 Grain slugs. The manufacturer is listing a Muzzle Velocity in the 850 – 885 FPS range. Up to 30 good shots will be available per fill of the HPA bottle.

Specifications for the .25 caliber version call for up to 88.8 Ft/Lbs of Muzzle Energy with 50.93 Grain slugs. Ataman tells us that a full HPA bottle will give up to 20 good shots.

For either caliber, power levels can be altered by adjusting hammer spring tension.

Coming Soon - The Ataman MB20 Slug Gun

There’s no availability date yet – particularly with the Coronavirus/COVID-19 situation.

It’s also possible that a conventional, “non bullpup” version of the MB20 may be released in future if demand is sufficient. Watch this space for more updates as they become available…