Coming Soon! The Benjamin M600 Airbow

The Benjamin Pioneer Airbow was launched in 2016 as a revolutionary big-game hunting product. Now a new Benjamin M600 is on its way, the first major upgrade to the Airbow platform since its introduction.

Coming Soon! The Benjamin M600 Airbow

The Benjamin M600 Airbow is scheduled to launch in the Third Quarter of 2023.

The specifications include a Muzzle Velocity of over 600 FPS. That’s waaaay more than the 450 FPS of the already-powerful current Airbow. In fact, it represents an increase of 90% in Muzzle Energy!

Manufacturer’s testing on prototype M600s gives an average of 613 FPS over the first three shots (607, 626 and 606 FPS, respectively). That makes it – I believe – faster than any crossbow out there today.

Benjamin M600 Airbow

Above we see the Benjamin M600 Airbow with Ethan Butterfield. Ethan is a Design Engineer At Velocity Outdoor and much involved with the new model.

There’s a hog beneath him, that had a fatal encounter with a speeding broadhead from the M600 at an upward angle with greater than 40 yards range. The arrow had so much energy that it passed right through the hog and traveled another 100 Yards before hitting the ground…

The Benjamin M600 Airbow was being test-fired at the sixth annual Lethal Air Big Bore Hunt. Team Benjamin was present, suitable-equipped for the event!

Alongside Ethan with the M600, Product Manager Phillip Guadalupe (above) was shooting a new, HAM Gold Award-winning Bulldog M357, complete with a SERIOUS silencer. You can read our recent M357 review in HAM here.

Phillip was also consistently ringing steel plate targets at 175 yards with the M357…

Shawn Pragle is a Senior PCP Technician and Group Leader at Velocity Outdoor. He was there shooting his Benjamin Bulldog 457. This model was launched in February 2022 and has a Muzzle Energy specification of up to 450 Ft/Lbs.

That’s Shawn below, together with his hog.

Shawn can’t resist customizing his guns, as you can see above and also from him shooting Field Target with a VERY non-standard Marauder at the Pyramyd Air Cup back in 2019.

And the result? Looks like Team Benjamin has it all in the bag. To take home that is…

Benjamin Bulldog .357 Bullpup, Shrouded 0.357

Benjamin Bulldog .357 Bullpup, Shrouded 0.457