Coming Soon – The Legends M3 Grease Gun

Here’s a BB gun that will be an immediate “must buy” for many! Umarex USA has announced that there will be a Legends M3 Grease Gun to be available later this year.

The Legends M3 Grease Gun will be another in the extremely popular series of Legends full-auto military submachine gun replicas. HAM has tested both the Legends MP40 and M1A1 Thompson models. Both were Gold Award winners.

With a background like this, we have high expectations for the M3 Grease Gun!

Legends M3 Grease Gun

The Legends M3 Grease Gun will be a CO2-powered, blowback BB shooter, of course. Plans are for a 30 round, drop-free magazine that also includes the two x 12 Gram CO2 cartridges.

Umarex says they expect a cyclic rate of fire of 1,025 BBs per minute at a maximum Muzzle velocity of up to 415 FPS. Both semi- and full-auto fire is available.

The company’s specifications call for a shot count of approximately 120 BBs (4 x magazine capacity) from two new CO2 cartridges.

Based on HAM testing of the MP40 and Thompson, we expect these specifications to provide realistic indicators of performance. We obtained 150 shots per fill from the MP40 and no less than 218 shots from the Legends Thompson we tested.

In both the Legends MP40 and Thompson and tests, we projected maximum Muzzle Velocities in the 460 – 465 PFS range at 80- 90 degree temperatures.

This BB-firing Grease Gun will be of all-metal construction. There will be a collapsible wire stock and peep-style open sights.

Other similarities to the M3A1 version Grease Gun are the flip-open dust cover and thumb hole in the bolt for charging. And yes, additional spare magazines will be available, too.

Legends M3 Grease Gun

As these photos show, this new BB-firing Grease Gun certainly looks very realistic. This is very likely to be another “maximum smiles per Dollar” success for Umarex!

The HAM Team can’t wait to review it…

Legends M3 CO2 Grease Gun 0.177
Legends M3 Grease Gun