Coming Soon! The New Hatsan Factor RC Air Rifle

The Hatsan Factor RC is a new, tactical-style PCP from the Turkish manufacturer. Pyramyd Air is showing an in-stock date of October 15, 2021 for this new model.

The RC version of the Factor is regulated (that’s the “R”). It’s supplied complete with a 580 cc Carbon Fiber HPA bottle (that’s the “C”) that fills to 3,625 PSI.

Calibers available for this sidelever model are .177, .22 and .25 cal. Hatsan is claiming maximum muzzle energies of 19.5 Ft/Lbs for the smallest caliber, 29.5 Ft/Lb for the .22 cal model and 33.5 Ft/Lbs for the .25 cal guns.

Tuning possibilities are very wide. The Factor has an externally-adjustable regulator. This is combined with an externally-adjustable transfer port with three levels of power, and an externally-adjustable hammer preload dial for further fine-tuning.

The New Hatsan Factor RC Air Rifle

There are two pressure gauges on the Factor. One monitors the HPA tank pressure, the other regulator pressure.

Magazine capacity is high. The .177 caliber mag has a capacity of no less than 24 rounds. In .22 cal the capacity is 21 and it’s 19 rounds in .25 caliber.

The Factor RC is also supplied with a hard case, two magazines and a single shot adapter. The manufacturer’s website mentions the foregrip and bipod shown in the heading photograph for this story. However this is not included in Pyramyd Air’s product description and so may not be part of the US market package.

As expected, the Factor has a shrouded barrel. This is combined with a 1/2-Inch UNF threaded muzzle that facilitates attachment of an additional, external moderator.

The 2-stage Quattro trigger can be adjusted for engagement, pull weight, and travel. In addition, the trigger blade can also be adjusted both horizontally and vertically to suit the owner’s preferences.

There’s a telescoping buttstock for an adjustable length of pull. This is combined with a textured pistol grip, and an elevation-adjustable cheekpiece and a rubber buttpad for achieving the ideal fit and hold, says Hatsan.

Overall length of the Hatsan Factor RC is 42.9 Inches and the weight 7.9 Lbs – without scope and accessories, that is.

Hatsan Factor RC PCP Air Rifle 0.25