Coming Soon – The New KalibrGun Springbok Semi Auto PCP

New from the Czech manufacturer is the KalibrGun Springbok. This is a semi automatic PCP air rifle that’s initially available in .22 caliber.

KalibrGun brings a lot of semi auto airgun experience to the table with the Springbok. The Capybara was an earlier semi auto from the company. But for the Springbok, KalibrGun made the choice to start with a completely new design platform.


The Springbok is a bullpup design. You can see a clear family resemblance to the HAM Gold Award-winning Cricket II Tactical model.

Up-front is a 500 cc capacity interchangeable carbon fiber air tank that fills to 4,530 PSI (300 Bar). The company says that this provides enough air for up to 160 shots per fill. That’s a dozen or so 13-shot magazines.

Muzzle Energy is listed as up to 55 Ft/Lbs with 18.13 Grain pellets. This will depend on the chosen regulator pressure, of course. HAM would expect to see higher energy levels available when shooting heavier pellets or slugs.


There’s an externally-adjustable regulator to allow for easy power adjustments. (It’s that star-shaped disk in the photograph above). This is operated simply by using an Allen (hex) wrench. The regulator sets the pressure in the 45cc plenum that’s standard for the KalibrGun Springbok.

In addition we see two side-mounted pressure gauges. One indicates the fill pressure of the HPA tank. The other shows the pressure of regulated air in the plenum.

The new model also features two-stage adjustable trigger, together with a new ambidextrous cocking mechanism. There’s also a visible cocking indicator at the side of the action and a new magazine of a different design to other KalibrGun models.


As you would expect, the Springbok incorporates a fully-shrouded barrel manufactured by the Czech CZ factory. In addition, there’s a standard 1/2-Inch UNF moderator adapter on the muzzle as well. For now, it comes in cal. 22 with a wood and laminate stock variants. More calibers will come shortly.

The Weaver/Picatinny scope mounting rail is joined by rails on the other three sides of the receiver. This provides mounting points for a bipod and other accessories.


KalibrGun tells HAM that the Springbok brings a new name, new platform and new possibilities. And yes, they say, it shoots as precisely as their Cricket or Argus series models.

The .22 caliber KalibrGun Springbok is in production now in .22 caliber with a “W-style” wood or laminate stock. So we should see it in the US market before too long.


Current plans are this configuration will be followed by alternative stocks and larger caliber versions: .25 and .30 calibers. You’ll find more information on the company’s website.