Coming Soon – The New Shorty FX Impact Compact

The new shorty FX Impact Compact will be available soon! This model – the FX Impact X MkII Compact – to give it its’ full, official name – has been announced and should be available for sale in the near future. (Coronavirus/COVID-19 situation permitting, of course).

The short overall length makes the Impact even more compact. It would be ideal for hunters operating in small hides or where there’s a lot of brush hindering rapid deployment of the gun on target.

Coming Soon - The New Shorty FX Impact Compact

This new shorty FX Impact Compact is to be available in .22 caliber, .25 and .30 cal. Due to the bullpup design, the short overall length of 25-Inches still allows for a 500 mm (that’s 19.6-Inch) barrel. This barrel is shrouded for built-in sound moderation.

To match the shorter barrel, there’s a compact, 300 cc carbon fiber HPA bottle.

As the new shorty FX Impact Compact includes the new FX Power Plenum, it provides significant power and reasonable shot count in spite of its compact size.

CaliberMaximum Muzzle EnergyShots Per FillMagazine Capacity
.2245 Ft/Lbs11028
.2560 Ft/Lbs7028
.3080 Ft/Lbs3023

Coming Soon - The New Shorty FX Impact Compact

Apart from the compact length, the Impact Compact includes all the features that are incorporated in other Impact MkII air rifles. So there’s side-lever cocking, multiple power adjustment controls and the capability for easy caliber or barrel changes.

Indeed, the Compact could be transformed into a full-length Impact Mark II simply by changing the barrel and HPA bottle. This is yet another example of the versatility of the modular Impact platform design.

Although long barrels are usually required to achieve high power from PCP air rifles, it’s interesting to note that the Compact offers very similar performance to the original, long barreled Impact when it was first introduced. That’s a testimony to the on-going developments that FX Airguns has been making to the Impact platform over time.

Undoubtedly this is another FX air rifle that would have been launched at the 2020 IWA OutdoorClassics show that was cancelled due to the Coronavirus situation. There may be more new models to come yet from FX this year. If so, Hard Air Magazine will bring you the news as soon as we have it.

FX Impact Mk II Compact Air Rifle