Coming Soon. The New Umarex Airem 2 Air Rifle

The Umarex Airem 2 is a new, value-priced air rifle that’s coming soon.

Umarex Airem 2 Air Rifle

With a Street Price of $99.99, this breakbarrel, gas ram airgun is going to appeal to many new airgunners and those looking for a bargain. It’s specified for .177 caliber only, with a maximum Muzzle Velocity of 1,200 FPS using alloy pellets.

Fiber optic open front and rear sights are included and a 4 x 32 scope is part of the bundle, too. The scope is mounted using a Picatinny rail. This is part of the Umarex Nucleus integrated rail platform system. The manufacturer claims that this nearly eliminates vibration and the recoil that translates to scope movement on firing.

Overall, the Umarex Airem 2 Break Barrel Air Rifle is a budget-friendly package for shooters looking for a dependable choice with options not typically found at this price level.

The gun has a black, synthetic all-weather stock with a stylish rubber recoil pad.

Umarex stresses that the gas ram of the Airem 2 provides the user advantages over a traditional spring-piston powerplant. These include smoother and quieter operation, lower recoil, and consistent operation despite low temperatures. In addition, the gas ram lasts longer and is not susceptible to spring fatigue, says Umarex.

Another advantage is that leaving it cocked for long periods does not result in damage to the airgun.

The Airem 2 weighs 7.5 Lbs and is 44 Inches long. It has a manual safety – as preferred by many shooters – and is intended for small game hunting, plinking and target practice.

There’s a three-year warranty that will give a sense of security to many purchasers, too. It looks like the Airem will be available in early 2022.

Umarex Airem 2 Break Barrel Air Rifle 0.177
Umarex Airem 2 Air Rifle