Coming Soon! The New Weihrauch HW95S

The Weihrauch HW95S is a new version of this long-running, popular spring/piston air rifle. It includes a newly-designed hardwood stock with  adjustable cheekpiece and buttpad.

The Weihrauch HW95 was first introduced in 2005 and has – like all Weihrauch models – been progressively improved since then, while retaining the basic specifications and feel.

It remains in the middle of the Weihrauch spring/piston range, offering arguably the best of all worlds in a spring/piston air rifle.

Weihrauch HW95S

The new adjustable cheekpiece has push button operation. There’s also a new design of checkering for the walnut-stained hardwood stock.

The base Weihrauch 95 is available in four calibers, up to .25 caliber. In fact, if you want a .20 caliber air rifle, the HW95 is one of the few choices currently available.

Hard Air Magazine reviewed the HW95 Luxus in .177 caliber in October, 2023. Unsurprisingly it earned a HAM Gold Award for its performance on test.

Our conclusion was that “the Weihrauch HW95 is accurate, powerful enough for most shooters, easy enough to cock and has an outstanding trigger. The quality is obvious for all to see and the price is fair for what you get.”

In fact, as you’ll read in that review, there was really nothing the HAM testers did not like. That’s a very rare situation indeed!

Weihrauch is one of the few airgun manufacturers which remain truly committed to open sights. This makes the Weihrauch HW95 air rifle a joy because it’s fitted with a serious set of traditional open sights. There’s not a piece of fiber optic to be seen!

The front sight comprises a hooded housing with a choice of six interchangeable elements. These are easily interchanged and give the owner a wide variety of options for open-sight shooting.

The rear sight has the expected click adjustment capabilities for windage and elevation. In addition, this rear sight actually has a choice of four different sighting notches.

By pulling out and rotating the rear sight notch plate, you’ll find a choice of wide and narrow square notches, a V notch and a U-shaped notch. These are the perfect compliment to the interchangeable front sight elements which are also provided with the HW95.

Of course, a riflescope can be installable if required…

At the time of writing, HAM has no date for availability of the Weihrauch HW95S in the USA. However, it will undoubtedly appear on the Airguns of Arizona website as soon as it’s available.