Coming Soon – The New Western Airguns Sidewinder

The new Western Airguns Sidewinder selective, fire semi- or full-auto air rifle will blast onto the airgun scene in the Fall of 2022…

That’s the latest announcement from Western Airguns! Not content with launching – and shipping – the new Rattler 357 big bore semi-auto just last month, now they are pushing forward with this new model too.

Compared to the Rattler 357, the Sidewinder is a smaller, lighter and cheaper gun. It’s also available in a range of smaller calibers – .22 cal, .25 and .30 caliber.

Additionally, the Sidewinder has a selective-fire action: there’s a choice of semi- and full-auto fire.

But the biggest change is also a huge improvement! Unlike the Rattler’s fixed magazine, the Sidewinder features an interchangeable magazine.

This newly-designed, removable magazine system holds 15 shots in 22 caliber, 15 shots in 25 caliber, and 12 shots in 30 caliber.


When the Rattler 357 is set to full power – as most owners doubtless choose – the 15-round capacity of the Rattler’s built-in magazine is not a disadvantage. This is because 15 rounds is also the capacity of regulated air from the 580 cc HPA tank at full power setting.

So, air and ammo capacity match in that case.

However, the smaller-caliber Sidewinders have a greater consistent (regulated) shot capability. Western Airguns’ initial specifications indicate between 50 and 75 shots per fill.

CaliberMagazine CapacityMuzzle EnergyShots Per Fill
.2215Up to 50 ft/LbsUp to 75
.2515Up to 60 Ft/LbsN/a
.3012Up to 90 Ft/LbsUp to 50

This means that interchangeable magazines play a much more significant part in the overall shooting experience with the Sidewinder. Having multiple magazines provides the quick change capability that really maximizes the rapid fire potential of the Sidewinder between HPA refills.

As with the Rattler 357, the Sidewinder has a velocity control wheel that regulates pellet or slug speeds. Accuracy with both slug and pellet ammo is provided by a regulated action and a USA‐ made TJ hammer forged barrel.

The AR compatible grip allows for shooter customization for a comfortable fit. A bottom rail for bipod mounting is rigidly mounted beneath the 580cc bottle. The Sidewinder’s picatinny scope rail is mounted on top of a full length tactical barrel cover that accepts side rails for accessories like lasers, red dots or lights.

Availability: Fall of 2022

MSRP: $1999.99

Airguns of Arizona is already taking orders for the Western Airguns Sidewinder. All you do is place a $50.00 refundable deposit to hold your place in line.

Western Airguns Sidewinder .22 Caliber
Western Airguns Sidewinder .25 Caliber
Western Airguns Sidewinder .30 Caliber