Coming Soon – Webley MkVI Police And Civilian CO2 Revolvers

New introductions from Highland Outdoors in the UK are the Webley MkVI Police and Civilian CO2-powered air pistols.

These new models are essentially short-barreled versions of the famous Webley Mark VI .455 caliber service revolver that saw action in the British – together with British Empire and Commonwealth – armies for many years.

Hard Air Magazine reviewed the BB-firing version of the military MkVI back in November 2017. We liked it a lot and it earned a high 93% score on test. Only the relatively high US price of $180 prevented it from gaining a HAM Gold Award.

However, the price of the military MkVI has now dropped to $150 in the USA, making it better value for money. These current guns differ slightly in that they fire .177 caliber pellets, rather than BBs. Apart from the projectiles, all the other excellent features of the gun remain the same.

Built from original blueprints, all these Webley revolvers load, cycle, fire and eject as the originals. They feature original 1915 manufacturing markings.

The existing military MkVI features a 6-inch barrel. The new CO2-powered Webley MkVI Police model has a 4-inch barrel. The “Civilian” version has an even-shorter, 2.5-inch snub barrel.

In addition, the “Police” and “Civilian” models are available in both .177 and .22 calibers – firing pellets, of course.

All Webley MkVI CO2-powered revolvers incorporate single and double action with full metal construction. These pistols are available in black and distressed “battlefield” finishes.

Coming Soon - Webley MkVI Police And Civilian CO2 Revolvers

Suggested Retail Prices for the in the UK for the Webley MkVI Police and Civilian models range from £189.99 – £219.99. They’re expected to become available for sale in the second quarter of 2021.

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Webley MKVI CO2 Pellet Revolver, Battlefield Finish 0.177
Webley Mk VI Service Pellet Revolver