Cricket Tactical At Extreme Benchrest 2021

KalibrGun is ramping-up its presence in the US market. So it’s no surprise to see the Czech PCP manufacturer’s latest product, the Cricket Tactical at Extreme Benchrest 2021.

HAM tested the Cricket 2 Tactical recently in .22 caliber, we liked it a lot!

Cricket Tactical At Extreme Benchrest 2021

At EBR 2021, we found the Cricket Tactical taking its place on the line in all classes of competition. For example, the competitor above was shooting it the 75/100 Yard Extreme Benchrest competition.

Derrick Wall is another shooter who had chosen the gun. He was shooting it – and doing well – in .30 caliber.

Cricket Tactical At Extreme Benchrest 2021

Derrick told me that he’s been shooting it intensively for over three months. He’s a long-term Cricket fan who feels that this new model is a real revolution from the manufacturer.

He says that the polygonal barrel on the .30 cal model just LOVES JSB 50.15 Grain pellets. He has his gun set to produce 82 Ft/Lbs – that’s 865 FPS – giving him great long range accuracy.

EBR is not a slug competition, by Derrick told me that the Cricket Tactical can be tuned to shoot slugs well, too. He likes everything about the gun and had also shot it in the Extreme Field Target competition the day before. The result was a number of other shooters who were interested to see the gun themselves. Derrick was happy to oblige!

Cricket Tactical At Extreme Benchrest 2021

Another indication of interest in the Cricket Tactical was the number of raffle entries that were already hoping to win the gun. Even on the first day of EBR, the Tactical’s raffle box was getting well filled. At this rate they’re going to need a bigger box before the raffle drawing takes place on Sunday!

In fact, KalibrGun was also the sponsor of the Extreme Field Target competition at EBR 2021. Sadly, company representatives could not be present due to Covid restrictions, but there was plenty of signage to indicate their support!

I also spoke to Matt Hodges, the owner of Pitbull Airguns, about the Cricket 2 Tactical.

During his drive up from Texas, Matt unfortunately has all his airguns and other stuff stolen from his truck. In spite of this setback, he kept a brave face and was determined to compete at EBR 2021. So Airguns of Arizona stepped-up and loaned him a Cricket Tactical to shoot.

Cricket Tactical At Extreme Benchrest 2021

Despite never having see the gun until the day of the contest, Matt was competitive in the FT class shooting the Tactical. He told me that he liked it, finding the Cricket Tactical very accurate and easy to shoot.

Of course, there were more KalibrGun products than Cricket Tactical at Extreme Benchrest 2021, as was proved by this competitor shooting in the NRL Expo.

I also spoke to Mike Bricker about the Cricket. Mike won the Speed Silhouette Sportsman group at the previous “live” EBR in 2019 using a Cricket. He told me that – of all the airguns in his gun cabinet – that Cricket would be the last to go! He loves it and uses it for hunting all the time back home.

Below we see Mike in 2019.

So: thanks to KalibrGun for their support of Extreme Benchrest 2021. I’m sure we’ll be seeing even more of them at EBR 2022!