Crosman 362 100 Year Edition And More New Guns For 2023

2023 marks the centenary of Crosman airguns. To celebrate this momentous landmark, Velocity Outdoor plans to introduce a Crosman 362 100 Year Edition.

Carrying the model number C362-100YR, this new edition of the multi-pump 362 is exactly what so many Crosman fans have been wanting. It’s a wood-stocked version of the Crosman 362 that was introduced last year.

HAM was impressed with the 362 when we looked at it. The combination of pump-up power and price makes it a strong player in the market, particularly among Crosman aficionados.

As part of our 362 coverage, we fitted a steel breech to the gun and were pleased with the results. So it’s good to see that the Crosman 362 100 Year Edition model is equipped with a steel breech. It’s also equipped with a Discovery-like Barrel Sleeve (think Part 1761-013) on which the rear sight is mounted.

Crosman fans will be pleased with these features. They’re also likely to be pleased with the Turkish walnut stock and pump handle. The gold-effect bolt handle, trigger blade and safety look good, too, as does the commemorative medallion mounted in the stock.

In addition there’s to be a 367 – that’s .177 caliber – version of the 362.

But wait, there’s more…

Crosman 362 100 Year Edition

The 3677/3622 looks very much like a “PCP 362”. However the photograph may not be representative of the final product as there’s no sign of the Picatinny mounts or integrated silencer that’s mentioned in the description.

Another anniversary special is this Legacy 100 Year edition of the Crosman 2100. It’s Model CLGY1000-100YR.

By the way. For those Crosman historians out there, there’s still a few interesting signs of the company’s previous locations in the Rochester NY area, dating right back to 1923. You can see some details in this old HAM post.

Another forthcoming new PCP air rifle for 2023 is the new Crosman Prospect. That’s shown in the illustration below.

There’s more where that came from, too, including a forthcoming, tactically-styled version of the venerable 1077.

The Crosman 362 100 Year Edition and these other guns are among the highlights of the new Crosman 2023 catalog.

You can download the catalog from the Crosman website. The download link is at the bottom of the page. Enjoy…