Crosman AK1 Full Auto BB Gun Now Available!

Just in time for Christmas! The latest Crosman AK1 full auto BB gun is now available. It’s shipping from Pyramyd Air and Airgun Depot.

The AK1 is a selective-fire BB gun giving a choice of semi- and full-auto fire. On the “rock and roll” setting, the cyclic rate is 1400 rounds per minute. That will shred tin cans and empty the 28-shot magazine in less time that it takes to read this sentence!

Crosman AK1 Full Auto BB Gun Now Available!

With a length of 43.5 Inches and a weight of 8 Lbs, the Crosman AK1 full auto BB gun has the size and weight of a typical AK47-type centerfire rifle. It certainly looks very realistic from the photos we’ve seen so far.

The pistol grip is AK-compatible, while the folding stock is compatible with AR fittings. This allows the AK1 to be customized in the way you want with aftermarket parts.


Further customization is available using the Quad Picatinny rail arrangement. So there’s plenty of attachment space for lasers, flashlights, bipods or grips.

A typical AK-style rear sight is attached to the long, top Picatinny rail. This can be removed if required in favor of a scope or red dot sight.

The AK1 is powered by twin, 12 Gram CO2 cartridges and shoots steel BBs only at up to 430 FPS.

The action could well be similar to the company’s best-selling DPMS and Bushmaster MPW models as it has very similar specifications. This would be a very good thing as the Bushmaster MPW tested by HAM gave outstanding performance, earning a 95% score on test and a HAM Gold Award.

Crosman AK1 Full Auto BB Gun Now Available!

SAFETY FIRST. As with all BB-firing airguns, it’s necessary to wear shooting glasses when firing this airgun. Also do not shoot at hard surfaces or water. BBs tend to bounce off these surfaces and may hit you, or something other than what you intended. If in doubt, don’t pull the trigger!

Due to the realistic appearance of this product, handle it as you would a firearm. Do not display it in public or in any place where it could be mistaken for a cartridge firearm.

Crosman Full Auto AK1 CO2 BB Air Rifle 0.177
Crosman Full Auto AK1