Crosman Announces Expanded Line of Remington Airguns

Two years ago at the 2016 SHOT Show, Crosman announced the acquisition of the Remington airguns license. Now, in 2018, Crosman features an expansive lineup of Remington airguns. This includes one of the most powerful break barrels on the market, the all-new Remington Model 725 VTR .25 caliber air rifle.

The Remington 725 VTR delivers more than 30 Ft/Lbs of energy, claims Crosman. The company says that this is more than enough knock down power for even the toughest varmints and mid-sized game. This .25 cal hunting rifle is powered by a Nitro Mag gas piston and features a shrouded, sound-suppressed bull barrel and a two-stage adjustable trigger.

The custom ambidextrous all-weather stock design was inspired by the sleek and modern Remington 783, Crosman tells us. The Remington 725 VTR comes packaged with a CenterPoint 3-9x32mm scope and will retail for $199.

Rounding out the Remington airguns break barrel line are the black all-weather synthetic Express Hunter .177 and .22 caliber guns. There’s also a new 777SB with wood stock and silver barrel in .177 and .22 calibers.

All four guns feature a Nitro Mag gas piston, a two-stage, adjustable trigger, and CenterPoint 4 x 32mm scope. All are backed by Crosman’s industry-leading customer service and 5 year warranty.

The Remington AirMaster variable pump BB/pellet rifle features a rifled, silver-colored steel barrel, an all-weather synthetic stock, a fiber optic front sight, and a 4 x 15 mm scope. The AirMaster delivers muzzle velocities of up to 1000 FPS, making it one of the fastest pump guns on the market, says Crosman.

Crosman Announces Expanded Line of Remington Airguns

Also in the lineup are Remington airguns is a number of pistols, led by the R1875, a heavy, high-quality, dual-ammo revolver replica that has a nickel finish with a faux ivory grip. This pistol line also includes the R1911/R1911RAC and the RP45 replicas.