Crosman Announces The New, Improved 760 Pumpmaster Classic

There are some things in life that go on forever because they really cannot be beaten. One of these is the Crosman 760. Now Velocity Outdoor has introduced the latest version of this ever-popular air rifle, the 760 Pumpmaster Classic.

Today, Crosman proudly announced they are shipping this new and improved 760 Pumpmaster Classic. This new 760 features a high-capacity reservoir that holds up to 1,000 BBs. This is combined with a new trigger for a smooth pull. There’s also redesigned BB and pellet loading ports for easy access.

HAM readers had a low-key, very early indication of this new 760 back in May 2018. In our interview with Bob Beckwith – then the CEO of Crosman Corporation, now Velocity Outdoor – he mentioned that a new version of the 760 would be coming soon.

The simple, short-stroke pump action of the Crosman 760 Pumpmaster lets you control your power level, making it a versatile choice for plinking and target shooting. Pump twice to send a pellet down the barrel at a velocity of 350 FPS or pump 10 times to get the maximum 700 FPS.

Crosman Announces The New, Improved 760 Pumpmaster Classic

The new 760 Pumpmaster Classic modernizes the traditional look and feel of the rifle with classic lines, updated colors, and enhanced durability. Velocity Outdoor says that the steel barrel provides best-in-class accuracy. The gun includes an elevation adjustable rear sight. There’s also a dovetail mounting rail for adding a scope or red dot sight.

“The 760 has been a staple of the Crosman brand product line for decades” said Philip Guadalupe, Airgun Product Manager. “So we wanted this new version to remain true to its heritage while incorporating high quality features and technology from today’s modern air rifles.

“Best of all, every 760 is still proudly made at our plant here in Bloomfield, New York.”

More than that, every 760 is still test-fired before shipping, to ensure that the customer receives a quality working product, in spite of the incredibly low price.

More than 16 million families have turned to the 760 Pumpmaster to share the tradition of shooting sports, says Velocity Outdoor. Now, the new 760 Pumpmaster Classic is ready for the next generation of shooting enthusiasts of all ages, they tell us.

Families can find the 760 at most leading sporting goods and mass retail stores starting at an MSRP of $29.99.