Crosman Diopter Sight System Available For Competitive Air Rifle Programs

The Crosman Diopter adjustable precision sight designed by the company for competitive sporter class air rifle programs is now available. Built for the popular Challenger competition air rifle, the Crosman Diopter Sight System is the next generation of sights for the sporter class of air rifles, says the company.

Designed and engineered in the USA, the Diopter Sight System gives shooters repeatable micrometer sight adjustments and is compatible with 11mm dovetail receiver.

The Crosman Diopter Sight System comes with a non-shooting quick disconnect eye blinder which attaches to the rear sight and is easily rotated for the right or left-handed shooters. The system also includes four fixed sight blades and four rotatable sight blades.

“The new Crosman diopter sight was built with the precision sight in mind giving the shooter the best opportunity for them to post higher Sporter Class scores,” Says Crosman Shooting Sports Manager, Mark DeBoard. “This sight has a couple of great features like being able to cant the air rifle while keeping the front sight aperture level. Also the micro adjustable rear sight has incorporated the right hand rule much like a precision sight allowing an easier transition from Sporter to Precision Class competition.”

The Crosman Diopter Sight System is available by contacting Beth McClung at through the Crosman EASY program for $125.00.