Crosman Fortify BB Gun

The Crosman Fortify BB Gun is a new model from the company. Although it looks like a revolver, it can be loaded with 18 BBs at one time.

There’s a strong resemblance to a “Single Action Army”-type revolver. However, it’s not actually a revolver as there’s no rotating cylinder. But it’s definitely a single action pistol. You need to cock the hammer every time before pulling the trigger to fire.

BBs are loaded in an external tube magazine. It’s located approximately where you might expect to find the ejector mechanism on a powder-burning SAA.

This BB magazine location makes the Fortify easy to load. It also provides a clear visual indication of how many BBs remain un-fired.

Crosman Fortify BB Gun

Power for the Crosman Fortify BB Gun is provided by a 12 Gram CO2 cartridge that’s installed in the pistol grip. The manufacturer claims a maximum Muzzle Velocity of up to 420 FPS.

As always with CO2-powered airguns, this will depend mainly on temperature and rate of firing. However other environmental criteria such as pressure and elevation can come into play, too.

HAM suggests that Fortify owners stock-up on copper-colored Crosman Copperhead BBs. This is because Crosman BBs have a smaller diameter manufacturing aim than those of other BBs and are less liable to jam. (You can read more about our analysis of BB sizes in this previous HAM report. All BBs are not the same!

The Fortify is clearly designed for use as a fun plinker. Disposing of feral soda cans is likely to be it’s main use!

It’s available now at online dealers, in stores and direct from the manufacturer. The MSRP is $59.99.

Crosman Fortify CO2 BB Revolver 0.177
Fortify BB Gun