Daystate 40 Event Will Be On 3 December 2018

Daystate is 40 years old! To celebrate this historic milestone, there will be a Daystate 40 anniversary event. It’s being held at the Leeds Royal Armouries Museum in England. The date is 3 December, 2018

What’s more, the famous, high end PCP air rifle manufacturer promises to make a ‘special announcement’ at the event, too.

The Daystate 40 celebration, which will be attended by leading figures in the airgun industry and media, is also open to the public at a cost of £70.00. That charge will include refreshments and a commemorative book and gift.

Starting at 11.00am, guests will hear talks from experts from the Leeds Royal Armouries Museum and the National Firearms Centre on the history and origins of airguns. This will include the first ever mass produced PCP rifle – the 1780 Girandoni, used by the Austrian military.

Daystate 40 will also include presentations on the 40-year history of Daystate including the development of the company’s mechanical and electronic rifles. In addition, there will be a chance to see a collection of Daystate rifles through the decades.
Also, attendees will also get to explore the Leeds Royal Armouries exhibits.

Below, a selection of Daystate Red Wolf airguns, the company’s latest model.

Daystate 40 Event Will Be On 3 December 2018

“Like most 40-year olds, we have plenty of ups and downs and stories to tell,” says Daystate’s Tony Belas. “Founded on October 23, 1978, we’re very proud of the fact that we went on to develop and introduce the modern PCP air rifle. Forty years is an incredible milestone and we can’t wait to celebrate with friends, colleagues and customers with this Daystate 40 event.”

Group Editor for Airgun World and Airgunner magazines, Terry Doe, says:
“Daystate has emerged over the last 40 years to enjoy a position today as one of the most respected names in our industry, and is known for producing some of the world’s most sophisticated and desirable airguns.”

As you would imagine, the Daystate 40 event is certain to be oversubscribed!

To be in with a chance of attending the Daystate 40 event, fill out the form at

Places cost £70 and availability is limited. Successful applicants will be notified by Monday 19th November.
Good luck. I wish I could be there!