Daystate announces Red Wolf Heritage Limited Edition

Daystate is to produce just 250 examples of this new Red Wolf Heritage Limited Edition air rifle. Yes, that’s just 250 examples will be released for sale worldwide. So if you want one, you’ll need to get in line today!

The British airgun manufacturer has chosen its advanced second generation GCU 2.0 Red Wolf as the base of its first new offering of 2021. Compared to the original version, this provides a 20% increase in power.

Additional GCU 2.0 functionality includes revised programming that include shot counter, and display light options (off, 10 second and permanent on). Also included are user settable stand by times (30 seconds up to 4 hours) as well as changes to the magazine counter for the new style magazines that hold different quantities in different calibers.

Available in standard and high-power (HP) configurations, with .177, .22, .25 and .30 calibre options, the Red Wolf Heritage provides a highly collectable limited edition air rifle. It’s intended to satisfy Daystate connoisseurs and serious airgun shooters alike.

Daystate announces Red Wolf Heritage Limited Edition

The first rifles will be shipped from the factory in mid April, 2021.

The Red Wolf Heritage combines bronze and carbon-fiber finishes with matching laminate woodwork. It’s styled to match the company’s 40th anniversary Genus model of 2019.

Daystate tells HAM that the new Red Wolf Heritage Limited Edition model reminds shooters that – besides leading the airgun world technologically – Daystate also creates some of the finest looking rifles in more classical format.

The limited edition Heritage model incorporates the very latest updates applied to the Red Wolf in its three-year production. These include the critically acclaimed A.R.T barrel and MCT technology. This allows the Red Wolf Heritage to deliver match-like accuracy out to the most extreme ranges, Daystate says.

Daystate announces Red Wolf Heritage Limited Edition

There’s also a video with more views of this new model in action.

Red Wolf Heritage Features:

– Ergonomic sidelever operation with Limited Edition lever handle
– Ambidextrous, laminated bi-colored stock with adjustable cheekpiece and 3D adjustable butt pad
– Special chequering grip panels
– Bronze and nickel plate-colored action
– GCU 2.0 electronics latched to LiPo rechargeable battery
– 3 digitally-set power settings
– Muzzle Energies available from 12 to 65Ft/Lbs
– A.R.T barrel compatible with the latest generation of airgun ‘slug’ ammo like Rangemaster Juggernaut
– New, self-indexing 8/13-shot rotary magazine with flip-open loading gate
– Single-shot tray included
– Two-stage electronic trigger
– Resettable safety catch
– Full length, integral sound moderator with adapter for second stage silencer and bronze 0dB silencer
– Custom hard case
– Limited to 250 rifles, individually serial numbered with Certificate of Authenticity

In the USA, contact Airguns of Arizona for details of availability and price.