Daystate Delta Wolf Shipping Today

Daystate Delta Wolf shipping today. Yes, that’s the news from the manufacturer! The first Delta Wolf air rifles are being delivered to their customers today in the U.K..

First out of the door are the U.K.-legal 12 Ft/Lbs limit guns. High power versions for the U.S. market are high on the company’s priorities, however.

As we can see from these exclusive photographs, the Delta Wolf is is full quantity production at the British factory. There’s at least three dozen guns to be seen in various stages of assembly in this one photograph alone.

Daystate Delta Wolf Shipping Today

Taking a close-up look, we can see that assembly of these guns began on 1 October…

Daystate Delta Wolf Shipping Today

As you would expect, there’s a large number of parts in a Delta Wolf. So there’s obviously been a great deal of work involved in ramping-up manufacturing, in spite of the on-going Coronavirus situation. Congratulations are clearly due to many Daystate employees who have been working so hard on this project behind the scenes!

Daystate Delta Wolf Shipping Today

Standard Daystate manufacturing procedure is to assemble basic actions in bulk, then add the stocks and move to individual testing. Every gun is test-fired on the company’s indoor range to ensure quality before it leaves the building.

Those white stickers on the side of the actions indicate the name of the dealer to which the completed airgun will be shipped. All these guns are pre-sold!

Hard Air Magazine has already carried full coverage of Delta Wolf specifications. The company is marketing it as “the most advanced airgun of all time”.

A major part of that is associated with the built-in chronograph and electronic controls that set the power level and control other features of the gun. These are accessed through a remarkably simple LCD screen in the right side of the buttstock.

HAM will be bringing you more details on this ground-breaking airgun in future. Of course, Airguns of Arizona will have the Delta Wolf for US customers as soon as shipments reach this side of the Atlantic Ocean.

So, for U.K. shooters, Daystate Delta Wolf shipping today is the big news many of us have been waiting for!

HAM will have a lot more detailed information on the new Delta Wolf in the next few days. Stay tuned!

Daystate Delta Wolf