Daystate Relaunches Full Range Of Rangemaster Pellets

Daystate Rangemaster pellets have received a relaunch by the British airgun manufacturer. At first glance, this is primarily a re-labeling exercise, but there’s actually more to it than that…

A key intention of this exercise is to benefit the consumer by more clearly identifying the weight and intended use for each pellet type. This has clearly been done by the color-coding in a bold and obvious manner.

Obviously Daystate pellets are designed and tested specifically to perform in Daystate air rifles. But they can work well in other airguns, too.

HAM has tested a couple of Rangemaster pellets in the past and they’ve shown fine manufacturing quality and consistency. Check out our reviews of the Rangemaster Sovereign and Rangemaster Kaiser for more details.

NameCaliberWeightMax Power
Rangemaster Sovereign.1778.44 Grains18 Ft/Lbs
Rangemaster Kaiser.1778.64 Grains18 Ft/Lbs
Rangemaster Sovereign Hunter.17710.33 Grain18 Ft/Lbs
Rangemaster King.17713.42 Grain20 Ft/Lb
Rangemaster Emperor.17715.89 Grain30 Ft/Lb

It’s no secret that Daystate does not manufacture Rangemaster pellets themselves. However they do have the pellets manufactured to their strict specifications by quality European manufacturers JSB and H&N.

Daystate also runs their own additional quality tests on batches of Rangemaster pellets to ensure that production quality is being maintained. In addition, the company specifies a maximum power lever for optimum performance with each pellet type.

The Daystate factory itself fires well over HALF A MILLION pellets every year, just testing their own air rifle production. That’s around 10,000 pellets a week!

So the company is keenly aware of the importance of quality pellets. This also enables them to monitor Rangemaster pellet performance in a practical, ongoing manner.

NameCaliberWeightMax Power
Rangemaster Kaiser.2214.66 Grains25 Ft/Lbs
Rangemaster Sovereign.2215.89 Grains30 Ft/Lbs
Rangemaster Sovereign Hunter.2218.13 Grain36 Ft/Lbs
Rangemaster King.2225.38 Grain40 Ft/Lb
Rangemaster Emperor.2233.95 Grain70 Ft/Lb

There are no special changes in the Daystate Rangemaster pellets themselves. However those in the new-design tins are all from the latest tooling and most recent specifications.

The relaunched Daystate Rangemaster pellets will start appearing on local dealers shelves on a normal stock-turnover basis. For UK customers, the pellets can also now be ordered directly from Daystate via the company website.

Of course, Daystate Rangemaster pellets are available in the USA through Airguns of Arizona.

NameCaliberWeightMax Power
Rangemaster Emperor Lite.3044.75 Grains100 Ft/Lbs
Rangemaster Emperor.3050.15 Grains80 Ft/Lb

For HAM, there was one surprise discovered in this relaunch. That’s the existence of Rangemaster Emperor pellets in .20 caliber!

We had missed the fact that Daystate manufactures air rifles in twenty cal. In fact, the Huntsman is available by special order in .20 caliber with power levels up to 25 Ft/Lbs. That’s something that we had previously missed…

NameCaliberWeightMax Power
Rangemaster Emperor.2015.89 Grains25 Ft/Lbs