Desperadoes Shoot Six-Gun Poker With The Pyramyd Air Poker Game

What? A Pyramyd Air Poker Game? Yip, it’s true and the Desperadoes had great fun playing it, as Sundance Harry describes…

With very few exceptions, every one of us started shooting with a Daisy. We look back wistfully to the days when we performed incredible feats of marksmanship with our lever action carbine or pump action Model 25. Our wizardry with an air rifle would challenge the exhibition shooting performances of legendary sharpshooter Annie Oakley.

Time has a way of embellishing our recollection of the Good Old Days!

So what ever happened to that Daisy ? Probably stuck away in storage in the attic, garage or basement. Or maybe behind some old coats in the back of a closet. You haven’t plinked a tin can with it in years.

Well I have a surprise for you. Pyramyd Air has an airgun Poker game which will inspire you and your shooting buddies to locate Old Blue and pick up a container of BBs. Maybe even dust off that old cowboy hat for the occasion.

Desperadoes Shoot Six-Gun Poker With The Pyramyd Air Poker Game

The Pyramyd Air Poker Game was designed primarily for pellet guns, but I’ve revised the rules to make it perfect for the BB shooter.

I contacted Marshall Kenny Hittum and Iron Burner and they agreed to join me, Sundance Harry, in an afternoon of Six-Gun Poker. For Cowboy guns, we decided to use my Daisy Red Ryder, Daisy Model 25, and recently acquired Umarex Colt Peacemaker.

The Pyramyd Air Poker Game has three samples each of 5 target configurations and rules to accommodate endless game variations. But the Desperadoes had their hearts set on a Cowboy Poker game which focused on Cowboy Guns, Poker Chips, an element of unpredictability. Together with the steely eyed cunning of Doc Holiday!

Winning strategies rely on a degree of subterfuge. The Desperadoes hold to the adage: “Old Age and Treachery Trumps Youth and Inexperience”.

Desperadoes Shoot Six-Gun Poker With The Pyramyd Air Poker Game

Pyramyd Air Poker Game, 5 Game Boards

What’s in the Pyramyd Air Poker Game Pack?

Each game pack contains three sets of targets in five different card configurations.

Four of the configurations can be used for Sixgun poker, although one configuration only contains Aces through nines. The fifth arrangement is intended for long range (25-50 yd) competition.

Each Pack also contains rules for a variety of air gun poker games, and a regulation Poker Deck of Cards.

Ron’s Six-Gun BB Gun Poker Rules:

1 – Poker Players should be seated at a picnic table, positioned so all players can easily move to the firing line. A Pyramyd Air Poker Game target should be affixed to a safe backstop at approximately eye level. We found that a good target distance from the firing line is 10 feet. Of course, safety should be a primary consideration in locating the firing line and positioning the target.

2 – Each player is awarded 15 chips to begin the game.

Desperadoes Shoot Six-Gun Poker With The Pyramyd Air Poker Game

3 – The Pyramyd Air Poker Game deck is shuffled, and each player is dealt two “Hole Cards” face down. Only the player receiving the two Hole Cards knows their identity.

4 – Scoring Chips: Each player places three poker chips in the pot.

Desperadoes Shoot Six-Gun Poker With The Pyramyd Air Poker Game

5 – Shooting the Guns: Beginning with the first participant to the left of the dealer, Cowboys each take three shots at the Pyramyd Air Poker Game target with their BB gun They aim for card Icons which best complement their two Hole Cards. Players are attempting to create a winning poker hand when combining their two hole cards with the three cards they shoot at the target. Errant shots, duplicate hits, or shots not clearly designating a playing card icon must be repeated.

Desperadoes Shoot Six-Gun Poker With The Pyramyd Air Poker Game

6 – Immediately after shooting, a scorer identifies the Pyramyd Air Poker Game target Icons which have been struck by BBs, marks them with a highlight marker, and communicates that information to the Dealer. The Dealer selects matching cards from the deck and places them face up on the table. These are referred to as Community Cards.

Desperadoes Shoot Six-Gun Poker With The Pyramyd Air Poker Game

7 – Community Card Distribution: Following the target shooting sequence with the BB guns, players begin selecting Community Cards which best complement their Hole Cards. Selection is determined by first having each Cowboy cut the card deck. The Cowboy drawing high card goes first, next highest card goes second etc. The Community Card selection process proceeds clockwise, one card at a time, until all players have five cards in their hand.

8 – Skullduggery: Selecting a Community Card shot by one of your opponents in an obvious attempt to prevent him from completing a winning hand. The Desperadoes like this!

9 – The best poker hand wins the pot.

10 – With each succeeding hand, the dealer and first shooter shift left.

11 – Game Winner: When one player runs out of Poker chips, the game ends, and the Cowboy with the high chip count is declared the winner.


Playing Notes:

The included card deck is separated into four rank ordered, suit specific, face up stacks to make it easy for the dealer to locate Community Cards which match the Pyramyd Air Poker Game Target Icons struck by Cowboy BBs.

Desperadoes Shoot Six-Gun Poker With The Pyramyd Air Poker Game

Since the same target will be used for successive Poker hands, the scorer uses a highlight marker to identify BB strikes on Card Icons during the current round.

Conventional poker hand ranking applies: Royal Flush, Straight flush, four of a kind, Full House, Flush, Straight, Three of a Kind, Two pair, One pair, High Card.

What do I need to play the game ?

1 – Order one or two Pyramyd Air Poker Game.

2 – Consider adding an Air Venturi Quiet Pellet Trap as the ideal backstop for the Poker Game Boards

3 – Locate the Poker deck and chips you haven’t seen in years. Or, buy two Pyramyd Air Poker Game sets and use the second deck for Community Cards

4 – Use multi-color marker pens to mark target hits as they are scored.

5 – Locate your Daisy Red Ryder BB Gun or Daisy Model 25 Pump Gun. For those with a Western Bent, you’ll be the envy of the other players with your Umarex Colt Peacemaker Single Action Revolver or Walther Lever Action Carbine.

6 – Add Potato Chips, Guacamole Dip and Red Pop to your grocery list. Send out an invitation to all of your shooting buddies to join you in a FUN-filled evening of airgun Poker.

Desperadoes Shoot Six-Gun Poker With The Pyramyd Air Poker Game

Finally, a word about the Air Venturi Quiet Pellet Trap…

If you have been using your discarded L.L. Bean and Cabela’s mail order catalogs for a target backstop, this Air Venturi Quiet Pellet Trap will put an end to lead pellets on the floor…or BB’s zinging around the room. It’s packed with Ballistic putty, backed with a steel plate, and housed in an attractive hardwood case with slots to hold a cardboard target back. It will end your worries about lead contamination….and it is the perfect size for Six-gun (Air-gun) Poker targets.