More Details on New Umarex Havox Hunting Pellets

Umarex USA has provided HAM with more information about Umarex Havox hunting pellets. These pellets are claimed by the company to be the most lethal air gun hunting ammunition ever created. Umarex Havox pellets are designed to expand upon contact of soft tissue immediately transferring massive energy into the intended target.

The Havox line of smallbore air gun hunting pellets will be available in .177 caliber, .22 cal, and .25 caliber. Havox is designed to expand 100% into six razor sharp cutting edges, creating a massive wound channel in the target. The wide razor sharp petals stay attached and maintain a large diameter to provide the greatest cutting surface throughout penetration.

This is shown by the photos below of the wound cavity created in ballistic gelatin by Umarex Havox pellets.

More Details on New Umarex Havox Hunting Pellets

Havox is claimed to be fast, accurate, and certainly lethal. These Umarex Havox pellets are machined of pure solid copper and specially drawn and tempered to deliver total energy accurately on target with a natural copper finish.

For maximum terminal expansion and maximum energy dump into the target, the .177 Havox completely expands and travels over three-inches in synthetic gelatin. The .22 and .25 travel 15% further consecutively.

Umarex Havox pellets maintain accuracy standards at typical small bore air gun-hunting distances of 20 to 30 yards and is usable in most air rifles chambered for the pellet’s caliber designation, says the company.

Up to 10% lighter than lead, the lead free Umarex Havox pellets are said to accurately outperform most lightweight alloy pellets offered for hunting. The .177 weighs 7 Grains, the .22 comes in at 10.9 Grains and the 25 caliber measures 19.9 Grains.

Umarex Havox pellets will be supplied in packs of 25 and will range in cost from $13.99 to $15.99 MSRP.