Diana 34 EMS Open Sight Options Explored

As air rifles move ever more towards scope-only use, it’s interesting to see the range of Diana 34 EMS open sight options. Diana has clearly put a lot of effort into producing a product that will attract the shooter who prefers open sights. Let’s look at what is available…

The standard front sight is a fiber optic unit that we’ll see below. However the wood stock model we received for review has the tunnel front sight as an upgrade. This will be most interesting to many “open sight shooters”. It’s shown in our heading photograph above.

This tunnel front sight fits to a small dovetail fitting that is attached to the barrel. Front sight elements are interchangeable and are 15.75 mm in diameter. A pointed front sight is included with the tunnel front sight. Obviously there’s a huge range of inserts that could be fitted, if you prefer a different front sight element.

Diana calls this the Premium Front Sight. It will be available as an upgrade in the near future.

Diana 34 EMS Open Sight Options Explored

Here’s the regular front sight. It’s a simple, unprotected, fiber optic front unit.

As with the tunnel sight, this can be removed from the barrel. Simply unscrew the barrel cover and lock nut from the 1/2-Inch UNF screw thread. Remove the setscrew using a 2.5 mm hex wrench and hey presto!!!

Diana 34 EMS Open Sight Options Explored

So the standard fiber optic front sight on your 34 EMS can easily be replaced with the Premium Front Sight. Alternatively, it can be removed entirely and the barrel cover and lock nut replaced. Like this…

Note that – because the front sight is mounted “behind” the threaded end of the barrel, you can use open sights together with an aftermarket silencer if required.

The standard rear sight is screw-adjustable for elevation and windage. As supplied, it is fitted with green fiber optics.

However, these can be removed by unscrewing a small screw using a 1.5 mm Allen wrench. Diana supplies an alternative, “non fiber optic” rear sight plate with the gun and this can be readily installed instead. As you can see below, this offers a choice of “V” and “square” rear sight profiles.

Diana 34 EMS Open Sight Options Explored

The result looks very much like this…

In spite of such open sight flexibility, you may still prefer to use a scope. If so, the rear sight may obstruct your vision a little.

Diana 34 EMS Open Sight Options Explored

In this case, the rear sight assembly is completely removable, using a 2.5 mm Allen wrench and flat-bladed screwdriver. It’s easy!

So open sight enthusiasts are well catered-for with the Diana 34 EMS open sight options. Next time, we’ll look at the built-in barrel droop compensation capability of this new air rifle.

Diana 34 EMS Air Rifle, Synthetic Stock
Diana 34 EMS Air Rifle, Wood Stock