Diana 54 Airking Pro Now Available

The Diana 54 Airking Pro is now available from retailers in the USA. This is the latest version of Diana’s long-running Model 54 air rifle. And – important for many – it’s a German-made product, with all the expectations for quality that implies.

The Airking Pro is a powerful spring/piston air rifle. It combines a sidelever action with Diana’s patented “rebound” system that’s claimed to produce recoilless shooting.

This recoilless shooting capability is achieved through the use of a “sled” system between the action and stock. This allows the stock to absorb the vibration and recoil without transmitting this to the shooter.

HAM readers first saw this model in our report from the 2020 SHOT Show. Now it’s available with a choice of traditional beech stock or a stunning black/red laminate.

Diana 54 Airking Pro Now Available


At up 10.25 Lbs weight (depending on stock choice), the Diana 54 Airking Pro is a pretty heavy air rifle. However it also offers strong power. The manufacturer’s claims are for a maximum Muzzle Energy of around 17.8 Ft/Lbs in .177 caliber and 19.2 Ft/Lbs in .22 cal.

In line with the flexibility demonstrated by the new HAM Gold Award-winning Diana 34 EMS, the Airking Pro is supplied with a detachable muzzle weight. This can be removed and replaced with an elevation-adjustable front sight.

There’s also a traditional rear sight with elevation and windage adjustment capability. This can be removed if required to configure the Airking Pro with the muzzle weight and a riflescope.

Scope mounting is provided by traditional 11mm dovetails. As with all fixed barrel spring/piston air rifles, you’ll probably need to select a scope that’s not too long, so as to avoid obstructing the loading port.

Diana 54 Airking Pro Now Available

The Airking Pro is equipped with Diana’s two-stage T06 trigger. This is combined with a manual safety that’s conveniently positioned at the rear of the compression tube.

This combination of T06 trigger, fixed barrel and recoil-elimination system is what provides the reputation for outstanding accuracy that has always accompanied Diana model 34 air rifles.

Diana 54 Airking Pro Now Available

In the Airking, accurate shooting is enhanced by the sophisticated stock design. This combines areas of stippling to increase grip with a ventilated rubber buttplate that’s inclined at a distinctive angle and “dropped” position. The aim here is to provide a good cheek weld and comfortable shoulder fit for the shooter.

In addition, Diana has added a sling stud beneath the forend of the Airking. The intention is that this can be used to attach a bipod for shooting. It’s not expected to be used to attach a sling: there’s no corresponding stud at the rear of the gun!

Backed by a 2-year warranty, the Diana 54 Airking Pro is priced in the upper echelons of spring/piston air rifle territory. But for this you are getting the latest and greatest version of an all-time classic airgun.

Knowledgeable spring/piston air rifle enthusiasts will rejoice at this new introduction…

Diana 54 Airking Pro Air Rifle, Beech 0.22
Diana 54 Airking Pro Air Rifle, Laminate 0.22