Diana Airguns Now Selling in the USA

Way back in January 2015, HAM reported from the 2015 SHOT Show that big changes were happening for Diana airguns.

In a discussion with the – then – Managing Director, Herr Zedler, he confirmed details of changes at the Diana company –  Mayer and Gammelspacher GmbH & Co. KG – and plans for the future of this iconic airgun brand.

Herr Zedler (below) explained to me that the old – 125 years old! – Diana factory building has been closed as it was no longer suitable for the modern production requirements of Diana air rifles. But, he said, “it is not the end but a new beginning” and that there will be more investment in new designs and airgun technology in future.

Airguns At The SHOT Show 2016 Day 3 Report

The Diana company had been sold to GSG GmbH (German Sports Guns) and it was announced that production of Diana airguns would continue at a GSG facility.

GSG is owned by the L&O Group, which also owns a number of other major firearms industry manufacturers, including SIG SAUER, Mauser and Blaser (the latter being best known in Europe).

At the time, I said: “It seems clear that the L&O Group is making a major investment into the airgun market. My guess is that this will be positive for Diana and Diana enthusiasts in the long run…”

Well, it looks as if those promised changes have come to pass! Diana airguns are now manufactured at DIANA has shifted production from it’s historic base of Rastatt to the town of Ense, North-Rhine Westphalia (also in Germany). And now they are available in the USA under their own “Diana” brand from a number of key dealers including Airgun Depot, Airguns of Arizona and Pyramyd Air.

Among the Diana airguns now available are the Mauser KAR 98K lookalike that’s based on the Diana 460 (photos above), the 340 N-TEC gas ram models and new versions of the Diana P1000 PCP first shown in HAM in our 2016 IWA report.

Below, we see the Diana 470TH Targethunter model.

Diana Airguns Now Selling in the USA

For many years, Diana air rifles have been distributed in the US by Umarex USA under the RWS brand name. For confirmation on the status of RWS-branded Diana-manufactured airguns in the US, we contacted the importer, Umarex USA. Here’s what they told us. “Umarex USA continues to offer the long-standing brand of RWS Air Rifles to U.S. shooters. We are still currently selling, servicing, and honoring the limited lifetime warranty that accompanies these fine German-made air guns.”

At the present time, Diana tells HAM that it is working together with AirVenturi and Precision Airgun Distribution to distribute their airguns in the USA. Both distributors will take care of any warranty issues for the Diana rifles that were sold by themselves and their dealers. Customer will know which company to contact as there is special engraving on the rifle and instructions in the manual.

Below, the new versions of the Diana P1000 PCP air rifle.

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And for those of us who have always been somewhat confused about the origins of the Diana name, Diana was actually the ancient Greek goddess of hunting. Now we know….