Diana Oktoberfest Gewehr Now Available At Pyramyd Air

Waaay back at the 2018 IWA Show in Nuremberg, Germany, an interesting air rifle was announced. It was the Diana Oktoberfest Gewehr. (Gewehr is the German word for rifle. I’m sure you know all about Oktoberfest!)

Our heading photograph above shows the scene at IWA 2018. Then the Diana Oktoberfest Gewehr was seen as the latest in a line of highly-specialized airguns that are specifically designed for use in funfairs or INDOORS!

Like previous similar models, it was to shoot special 4.4 mm caliber, copper-coated lead BBs. Yes, that’s 4.4 mm, NOT 4.5 mm. But that’s changing, as you’ll read below…

Fast Forward to The Present Day…

Now the Diana Oktoberfest Gewehr has materialized as the Diana Oktoberfest BB Rifle and it’s being sold by Pyramyd Air.

Diana Oktoberfest Gewehr

As with all Diana’s funfair guns, the Oktoberfest retains the characteristic features a distinctive top cocking lever. To operate, the lever starts on the side, then rotates to the top, then is pressed back to cock. Finally, it’s pushed back to the original position prior to shooting.

It’s easy to operate by those not familiar with guns. Very importantly, it also shows clearly if the gun is cocked or not. There’s also a manual safety.

Diana Oktoberfest Gewehr

Another rare feature for a spring/piston air rifle is the magazine tube below the barrel, which holds 100 shots. It has three slots near the front to allow the shooter to see the ammo remaining and know when the need for a reload is approaching.

The “Oktoberfest Gewehr” branding is still applied to the hardwood stock, too.

Diana Oktoberfest Gewehr

But here’s the big difference!

The Diana Oktoberfest BB Rifle available at Pyramyd Air actually shoots conventional steel BBs. This is a big advantage for the plinkers and fun shooters who comprise the intended customers for this airgun.

The claimed maximum Muzzle Velocity is 360 FPS. But speed and power are not the reasons for buying this air rifle. It’s about shooting with open sights with a classic, unique action and enjoying some close-range plinking – preferably with friends.

Best save that Oktoberfest beer for after the shooting has finished…

Diana Oktoberfest BB Rifle 0.177