Diana Skyhawk Bullpup PCA Air Rifle Now Shipping!

The Diana Skyhawk bullpup PCP air rifle has been featured several times in HAM from its appearances at the SHOT Show and IWA Outdoor Classics.

It’s a very interesting new model that promises to offer a lot of value for the price. And now it’s available and shipping to US customers!

There’s multiple different versions of the Diana Skyhawk bullpup PCP air rifle available. These offer a choice of calibers and wood stocks.

The calibers are – of course – .177 cal, .22 and .25 caliber. The manufacturer’s power specifications are up to maximum of around 38Ft/Lbs in .25 cal. This makes the Diana Skyhawk bullpup PCP air rifle a potent hunting tool in this caliber.

Diana’s specs for Muzzle Velocity with lead pellets are 985 FPS for the .177 cal version. The .22 cal Diana Skyhawk bullpup PCP air rifle has a maximum of 950 FPS. 850 FPS is the spec for .25 caliber guns.

All calibers have the same basic action – regulated, of course, and with side lever cocking. The fill pressure is 3620 PSI. That’s 250 Bar if you prefer SI measurement units.

There’s a choice of stocks available. These are manufactured by the famous Italian rifle stock specialists Minelli.

The lowest cost model has a black-covered beech stock. Then there’s a traditional walnut version and a high-end laminated stock with green, brown and black laminations. That laminated stock looks really good to the HAM team!

Overall length is just 29-inches, making the Diana Skyhawk bullpup a compact air rifle. Barrel length is 22 Inches for all models.

Magazine capacities are 11 in .177 cal, 9 for .22 caliber and 8 shots in .25 cal.

Diana Skyhawk Bullpup PCP Airgun – Black
Diana Air Rifle Skyhawk PCP Air Rifle, Laminate