Diana XR200 Price And Availability In USA

Now HAM is able to bring you details of Diana XR200 price and availability in the USA. Also some additional information, too…

Diana XR200 Price And Availability

According to the company, the OD Green Diana XR200 price will be $999 – or thereabouts. For clarification, that’s likely to be the MSRP, so the Street Price could be a little lower.

As for availability, HAM is told that you should be able to buy the XR200 in the US around late April or early May 2023. Spare magazines and twin-shot trays should be available at around the same time. Pricing for these items is to follow.

Diana XR200 Premium

Following the OD Green Diana XR200, there’s planned to be a “Premium” version. This is to have a hardwood stock and is likely to become available in late Summer, around August. No pricing details on this yet, however it will obviously be higher than that of the synthetic stock model.

Diana XR200 Price And Availability In USA

Shrouded  Barrels

XR200 models in .177, .22 and .25 calibers all have a carbon fiber-shrouded barrel. This reduced the report on firing and is as shown in the photographs published by HAM.

The .30 caliber version is different. This has an un-shrouded barrel but is provided with 1/2-Inch UNF threads so that a dedicated airgun silencer can be attached if desired.

New Diana XR200 Air Rifle

Regulator Pressure

The XR200 is – of course – fitted with a regulator. The pressure setting is adjustable, but not from the outside of the gun.

New Diana XR200 Air Rifle

US-market (full-power) models will have the regulator pressure set to 130 Bar at the factory. That’s 1,885 PSI. This regulator setting will be the same for all calibers.

Regulated air pressure is displayed by the gauge on the right side of the gun.

Hammer Spring Tension

There’s no built-in method of hammer spring tension adjustment. Diana proposes changing the hammer spring itself, if required. According to those beautiful and comprehensive instructions packed with the gun, it’s very easy to gain access to this spring.

In addition, there’s a power adjustment screw on the side of the action that adjusts the transfer port size. (That small recessed setscrew below and to the left of the power adjuster is the de-gassing screw).

So that’s what we have on Diana XR200 price and availability so far. Together with the other information already published in HAM, there’s no doubt that this is an interesting new PCP air rifle.

Currently HAM has a .22 caliber model in-house so there will be a comprehensive HAM review in the near future.

Further details are available on the Diana website.