Diana XR200 Unique Features

This is an air rifle that decides to do things differently! So today, let’s look at some of the Diana XR200 unique features. You know, the more you look, the more there are…

Let’s start with the instruction manuals. “What???” I hear you say. “No-one ever reads these! RTFM – you must be joking!”

Well, I’m here to explain that these are very different instruction manuals from any I’ve seen for any non-Diana air rifle – and that’s a lot…

Diana XR200 Unique Features

First they’re beautifully-produced, with clear, simple text and copious, appropriate illustrations.

But the real importance of these manuals is how they illustrate the thinking behind the air rifle. This is really one of the Diana XR200 unique features!

You see, the “Maintenance” and “Conversion” manuals not only encourage the owner to venture inside his or her air rifle. More than that, they provide part numbers and even the precise tools required to undertake the task!

They explain how to undertake tasks ranging from pressure gauge replacement to changing the valve stem. You’ll find out how to change barrels (and calibers, if required).

Want to swap the cocking lever from right to left? Covered. Ditto for the manual safety lever. Want to change a complete trigger assembly to the “Olympic” version. Yup, it’s there, too.

Diana XR200 Unique Features

Mention of “Olympic” leads to the dry-fire capability. This is a great way to practice trigger control and is usually found only on precision target rifles. Yet it’s here in a “mainstream” PCP. That’s another Diana XR200 unique feature.

Diana XR200 Unique Features

Then, of course, there’s THAT GAUGE! The main pressure gauge is located at the front of the HPA tube. It faces back toward the shooter and is ideally-positioned for checking that you actually have as much air onboard as you think – or hope!

The magazine well holds more surprises. Firstly the magazines are held in place by magnets. Unique? No. But still unusual.

Forget single shot trays! Another of the Diana XR200 unique features is the “Twin Shot Tray”. Yip, it’s a two-shot tray. Push across to engage the second shot. It works just fine…

Diana XR200 Unique Features

Then there’s the magazine spacer. XR200 mags in all calibers below .30 have the same thickness. But the 30 cal magazines are wider. To enable a single breech block to accommodate any caliber, the mag well is made to accept the wide .30 caliber mag. There’s a spacer that’s installed when using the smaller caliber magazines (and twin shot trays).

Diana XR200 Unique Features

Other unusual – if not unique – design features for the XR200 are present too. The fill pressure is just 2,900 PSI (250 Bar). That’s very low for a new PCP when more and more guns are heading towards fill pressures of around 4,500 PSI.

Another design decision that goes against the current consensus is the provision of traditional 11mm scope rails. Yes, Diana knows well about Picatinny rails, there’s one fitted to the underside of the stock for mounting a bipod. You can see a Leapers UTG TBNR bipod attached to this gun.

But – even though trendy – Picatinny rails are not actually required to restrain the recoil of PCPs of this power for scope mounting. So the Diana doesn’t have one.

Yes, other synthetic stocks have stippling (or molded checkering) to provide grip in inclement conditions. But I can’t think of another mainstream PCP that has real rubber grip pads let into the synthetic stock at the forend and around the pistol grip.

Diana XR200 Unique Features

So far as I’m concerned, that’s another unusual feature that works and works well on the XR200.

Further details are available on the Diana website. There’s also going to be more details about this remarkable new PCP air rifle in a further HAM post next week. Phew!