Disappearing Airgun YouTube Channels – Ted Bier Speaks Out.

As many of you will have noticed, many of our favorite airgun YouTube channels have been summarily deleted very recently. The reason given is that – having been welcomed by YouTube for many years, they now suddenly are deemed to be “against YouTube community guidelines”.

Other Airgun YouTube channels have two “strikes” recorded against them by YouTube. Based on YouTube’s “three strikes and you’re out” system, that means that they’re also close to being terminated by YouTube.

Yet more airgun YouTube video channels now require you to sign in to watch the content…

Over the past 12 days, YouTube has deleted the following channels from its platform (and there may actually be more):

– Pyramyd Air
– Airguns of Arizona
– AirgunWeb
– Umarex USA
– Hatsan USA
– Daystate Ltd
– Airgun Hunter Extreme
– Airguns Air Rifles And Pistols


What’s more, two more of our favorites are on the right on the verge of going as well. (They have have two strikes…)

 – AirgunGearShow
– American Airgunner
In an attempt to appeal to YouTube management, Ted Bier has posted this video against the termination of so many airgun YouTube channels. Watch it while you still can…


A brief survey of YouTube shows the following…

Looks like the Ted’s Holdover Channel is now empty of videos, except for this appeal video. Also AEAC seems to have been cleared out. The Channel remains but with no content. The AirgunGearShow has disappeared.