EBR 2021 Is Full! Will The Benchrest Competition Be Cleared This Year?

Airguns of Arizona has announced that Extreme Benchrest – EBR 2021 – is full. They can no longer accept any more entries.

This means that the tenth annual Extreme Benchrest competition will be running live again at the Rio Salado Sportsman’s Club in Mesa AZ, from October 7 – 10th.

This year – as always – there will be some improvements and new additions to the essential competition format.

Of course, Airguns of Arizona is the event host. But many other big industry names are also involved in sponsorship roles. Among those, some are sponsoring specific competitions, as follows:

EBR 2021 Is Full! Will The Benchrest Competition Be Cleared This Year?

The headline 75/100 Yard Extreme Benchrest competition at EBR 2021 is being sponsored by Daystate. Never in the 10-year history of EBR has the 75 Yard course been cleared with a perfect score, let alone at 100 Yards! Will 2021 be the first time? And – if so – will a Daystate Red Wolf do it? We’ll see…

The Speed Silhouette competition is sponsored by LCS Air Arms. Speed Silhouette is full of action and excitement – it’s clearly the biggest crowd-pleaser of all the competitions. The LCS SK-19 is clearly the fastest-firing air rifle out there – at least until it’s time to reload! So can a SK-19 win this year?

The RTI Prophet won the 50 Yard Benchrest competition in 2019. So the Slovenian company RTIArms was a natural to be the sponsor for this event at EBR 2021.

KalibrGun is the sponsor for the Extreme Field Target competition. This was the event to fill up for EBR 2021. In fact it filled in less than 24 hours after registration opened, so you can immediately see how popular it is with many attendees!

The Extreme Big Bore event is being jointly sponsored by Western Big Bore and American Air Arms.

And then there’s a new event – the NRL Expo – that’s being sponsored by Nielsen Speciality Ammunition.

To give you a flavor of what EBR 2021 will be like, AoA has released the following video.

I’ll see you there 🙂