EBR 2022 Waiting List – There’s Still A Chance!

Around 200 shooters have signed-up for Extreme Benchrest this year. It’s full! In fact, the event is over-subscribed. But if you’re on the EBR 2022 waiting list, there’s still a chance that you could compete…

You see, there’s always a few registrants who can’t make it at the last moment for some reason – health issues for example.

So, about a week before the event, Airguns of Arizona staff make a short list of the cancellations. Then they make a draw from the list of hopefuls on the EBR 2022 waiting list and make phone calls to the lucky few.

For those who can be flexible at short notice, this gives them a last-minute opportunity to shoot at Extreme Benchrest. So, if you’re on the waiting list, be prepared for a phone call from AoA. It just might happen!

EBR 2022 Waiting List

This year, the EBR prize pool is a record $77,000!

Not only is this the highest ever, it’s also spread across more winners. There’s a total of 65 winning prizes that will be awarded…

This year, the overall Extreme Benchrest Grand Prize is valued at $10,000.00. It’s a return trip for two to visit Daystate headquarters in the UK. This includes airfare, hotel and the winner’s choice of a Daystate or Brocock airgun and MTC scope!

Below. Tom Adams was the EBR Grand Prize winner in 2021.

EBR 2022 Waiting List

Highlight First Prizes include:

– Extreme Benchrest Pro Class $7,000.00

– Extreme Benchrest Sportsmans Class $5,000.00 Gift Certificate

– Speed Silhouette Pro Class $3,000.00

– Speed Silhouette Sportsmans Class $3,000.00 Gift Certificate

– One Gun Challenge $1,000.00 – for the highest score made with only one air rifle across the whole competition.

For full details, check out the Extreme Benchrest site.

In addition, there’s the usual HUGE Raffle with a vast number of prizes. In fact, some EBR Raffle prizewinners have returned and won competitions the following year with the gun they won in the raffle!

A new competition for 2022 is the Action Armor Steel Scramble. This is a NRL-style shoot with a range of disciplines including precision, benchrest and  Field Target. The common factor is that all the targets are steel. This is also the only course of fire where slugs can be used.

Check out the rules here. It’s going to be exciting!