EDgun PCPs Now At Pyramyd Air

A range of EDgun PCPs is now available at Pyramyd Air!

Pyramyd has announced that they will be carrying a number of EDgun models. This includes the Matador/Lelya line of sidelevers, the folding stock Leshiy and Leshiy 2 semi-automatics, as well.

EDgun products are designed and manufactured in Russia. They have a reputation for innovative, unusual design.

The Matador R5M is available in both standard and long versions. Available in .177 cal, .22 and .25 calibers, these are side-lever cocking rifles with power levels up to 51 Ft/Lbs in .25 caliber. Of course the actions are regulated and there’s a maximum fill pressure of 4,350 PSI.

Both the Matadors and the Lelya have stylish, thumbhole walnut stocks and a dual-sided, forward-positioned sidelever cocking system.

The Lelya 2.0 is extremely compact at just 23.5 Inches overall length. Yet the barrel is still over 15 Inches long due to the compact, bullpup design.

EDgun PCPs Now At Pyramyd Air

The EDgun Leshiy Classic Standard is a light, compact carbine with a folding stock. This makes it one of the most portable airguns out there with this level of performance. The single-shot action is designed so that the gun cannot be fired with the stock folded.

Our photograph above shows it at the 2019 IWA Show in Germany.


EDgun PCPs Now At Pyramyd Air

The Leshiy 2 (photo above) is a semi-automatic rifle that’s available in standard and long versions with calibers up to .30 cal. The innovative hammerless design is capable of Muzzle Energies up to 64 Ft/Lbs (for the .30 cal model), yet it’s still a light, compact air rifle.

Again, there’s a folding stock for maximum portability. However this is combined with an 8-shot rotary magazine.

Pyramyd Air estimates that EDgun PCPs will be in stock from December 2021. That’s – like – very soon!

EDgun Leshiy 2 Long PCP Air Rifle 0.30