Elemental Objects Airgun Accessories. They’re New!

Elemental Objects is the new venture from a British company that specializes in additive manufacturing – also known as 3D printing. The company – Addition Additive Manufacturing – already makes parts for medical devices and has the prestigious ISO9001 quality accreditation. Now they’ve started producing airgun accessories!

Elemental Objects (EO) has big plans to produce accessories for a variety of airguns, together with more shooting-related products. They’ve launched into the airgun market with the first of their new range of retro-fit magazine and single-shot trays.

Elemental Objects Airgun Accessories

Elemental Objects’ inaugural products are designed to fit Daystate and Brocock PCPs.

Ingeniously, the new magazines and single shot trays will work with every Daystate model ever made, says the company. Other than the Delta Wolf, that is. This is thanks to a unique design that spans multiple breech types and tolerances.

So, whether your Daystate runs the legacy or latest flip-open magazine, Elemental Objects aftermarket mag will work, the company tells HAM! The design also boasts high shot capacities – 13 in .177 caliber and 11 in .22 cal.

The company also states that their Brocock-compatible single shot tray and magazine work with all models introduced since the Compatto – and with similar .177 and .22 payloads to the Daystate mags.

Elemental Objects Airgun Accessories

The company’s Design Director Tom Fripp says it’s a compelling argument to choose EO when investing in spare or replacement mags. “The competitive retail prices – £35 for the magazine and just £10 for the single shot tray – are another good reason,” says EO’s sales head, Terence Logan. Those are UK selling prices, of course and would be different in other countries.

These additive-manufactured products are produced in a dedicated production facility operated by the Sheffield-based company. (Sheffield is a well-known city in the North of England which has a long history of technological innovation. For many years, it was the center of the British steel industry).

For HAM readers living in the U.K., there’s a full list of EO stockists available at

Elemental Objects is also looking for distributors and resellers worldwide. The company welcomes contact from interested companies at