AirForce Airgun Believers Road Trip, Spring 2015, Starts 10 May.

AirForce Airguns – in conjunction with AirForce Airgun Evangelist Ton Jones and Airgun Reporter Paul Capello – will be launching the AirForce Airgun Believers Road Trip, Spring 2015 on May 10 2015.

The road trip is part of the unveiling of the AirForce Airgun Believers Facebook page at Daily road trip reports will be posted there. Airgun Believers is AirForce’s cadre of fans who have experienced the fun, power and accuracy of shooting America’s favorite pre-charged airgun.

“I wish I could be there in the truck with them,” commented AirForce Founder and CEO John McCaslin on the AirForce Airgun Believers Road Trip. “It is bound to be a great trip with two of the best airgunners I know.”

Starting at Ton’s base of operations in the California Desert, Paul and Ton will cover over 1400 miles to San Antonio for the Trinity Oaks charity hunt and then to Fort Worth to report in at AirForce.

Trinity Oaks provides outdoor adventures to our nation’s war heroes, as well as providing all-expense paid “dream trips” for terminally ill children. They also mentor underprivileged youth and physically challenged kids, introducing them the American traditions of hunting and fishing. Trinity Oaks also operates a private meat processing facility and averages a monthly donation of 2,500 pounds of venison to local charities

“This road trip is going to set new standards for road trips.” Noted AirForce Airgun Evangelist Ton Jones, star of ‘Auction Hunters’. “Pretty much the same way AirForce sets new standards for pre-charged airguns.”

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