Extreme Benchrest 2021 – Rattlesnake Alert!!!

Extreme Benchrest 2021 started today, October 7th. This opening day gives competitors the opportunity to sight-in for the 50, 75 and 100 Yard Extreme Benchrest competitions. But it also includes a number of other events, the biggest of which is the Extreme Field Target competition which is highly popular and runs all day.

Now the Field Target competition at EBR is always notable for the need for competitors (and spectators) to avoid making contact with sharp, spiky cacti. But this year, there was an additional hazard in the form of a 4-Foot long rattlesnake that decided to investigate this strange competition. Then it curled up contentedly just in front of the fourth firing point!

It’s not known if the snake was a Daystate enthusiast, but it certainly attracted the attention of the competitors 🙂

Meanwhile, the intrepid FT shooters continued with the event…

Tom Costan, the owner of American Air Arms was shooting one of his own guns, the EVOL Mini. The HAM Team enjoyed this little gun a lot when we reviewed it recently.

Extreme Benchrest 2021

Also shooting was EBR regular Claudio Flores, from Sun City Airguns in Mexico. Claudio was shooting a Daystate Delta Wolf, as we can see below.

Extreme Benchrest 2021

The Daystate Red Wolf was also a popular choice for FT competitors at Extreme Benchrest 2021. Bobby Corcorran always places well at EBR. Today he was shooting this walnut-stocked Red Wolf.

Extreme Benchrest 2021

While Tom Adams (below) from Tom Cat Airguns was competing with a blue laminate version.

The Extreme Field Target competition was sponsored by KalibrGun. In this version of FT, the competitor uses an airgun of .22 to .35 caliber, while the distance to the target is given at the firing point. This is the event that sold-out first when registration for EBR 2021 opened. That’s an indication of the interest there is in it!

Also running today was the Extreme Big Bore competition. This event always attracts a wide variety of entries. Below, Abby Casey from AirForce prepares to touch off a Texan fitted with a monster silencer.

While another choice was this interesting-looking Benjamin Bulldog.

Extreme Benchrest 2021

A new contest making its appearance at Extreme Benchrest 2021 was NRL shooting. This is an extension of the very popular  .22LR firearm discipline, but shot – of course – with airguns.

This “practical rifle” discipline was being run as an exhibition match, rather than a competition. It requires shooters to engage targets from a variety of unconventional shooting positions. For example through a stepladder…

Or alternatively, a “hole in the wall”! This is clearly a form of airgun competition that has a great future.

And then there’s the “goody pack”! At Extreme Benchrest 2021, there was a mega goody pack for every shooter. This included slugs from JSB and ZAN, pellets from Norma, the essential EBR 2021 tee shirt and a whole lot more.

There’s a lot more to come tomorrow as the headline Extreme Benchrest competition kicks-off in earnest. HAM will bring you the news, of course!