Hurry! Extreme Benchrest 2019 Is Nearly Sold Out!

It’s just a few weeks since Hard Air Magazine carried the announcement of Extreme Benchrest 2019. But already the event is almost completely sold out!

With just a few shooting slots remaining, don’t leave it too much longer before registering. If you plan to shoot at this event, that is…

With a total prize pot exceeding $34,000 in value, it’s perhaps not surprising that Extreme Benchrest 2019 is creating a lot of interest.

Hurry! Extreme Benchrest 2019 Is Nearly Sold Out!

But – beyond the prize money – many shooters attend EBR every year for the great competition and the opportunity to meet-up with friends. And to make new ones, of course.

In fact, the American Field Target and 50 Yard Benchrest classes are already completely filled. But don’t worry, there’s still a few spots available in the 100-Yard Extreme Benchrest, Speed Silhouette and Big Bore competitions.

Extreme Benchrest 2019 will take place from October 10 – 13. The venue will be the Rio Salado Shooting Range in Mesa AZ. This is the range that has hosted EBR for several years past.

It’s a great range, but there are some wicked winds which blow-in off of the desert – particularly when you’re trying to shoot!

To register for this competition, visit the EBR web page at

And if the Arizona desert weather is too hot, there’s also a 10-Meter indoor pistol competition at EBR. It’s cool…