More Detail On The Action Armour Steel Scramble at EBR 2022

The Action Armour Steel Scramble was a new discipline at Extreme Benchrest 2022. It was also one of the most popular with both competitors and spectators. So let’s explore the course of fire in some more detail…

First there was four lanes of Precision/NRL22. Then three lanes of Extreme Field Target were followed by four lanes of Benchrest shooting. Reactive steel targets steel targets are used throughout. The targets are at different ranges out to 100 Yards.

The rules allowed any commercial pellet and/or slug .22 to .30 caliber. Power levels were 28 Ft/Lbs minimum to 150 Ft/Lbs maximum.

Stage 1


The shooter fired from a standing position with the rifle supported (?) on a pile of truck tires. Two shots were fired at three spinner targets, placed 28, 41 and 56 Yards downrange.

Each hit scores 10 points, a miss counts for zero. The time allowed is 90 seconds for the 6 shots. Possible total 60 points.

Stage 2


Here the shooter had 90 seconds to fire up to 5 rounds – one through each window of a “tiny house”-type structure. Only one round could be fired from each window. The target for all the shots was a spinner at 86 Yards. Scoring was 10 points for a hit, zero for a miss.

Possible total 50 points.

Stage 3

Again 90 seconds were allowed to fire six rounds from different positions on a tank trap tip. With three tips, that was two shots per position. The targets were spinners at 36, 73 and 98 Yards range. Again, 10 points were awarded per impact, nothing for a miss.



This was also the “tie breaker” stage. Each shooter yelled “STOP” on completing this course of fire. Each second not used resulted in a bonus of 0.1 point.

Stage 4

Supported on a large wooden cable spool, the shooter made 6 shots in 90 seconds. One shot was at each spinner target. The spinners were placed at 26, 37, 70, 78, 87 and 100 Yards downrange. Scoring was 10 points for a hit, zero for a miss.


Stage 5

Now we moved to Extreme Field Target! Shooting was made using sticks (or unsupported) and sat on a bucket. 120 seconds were allowed for 4 shots, two on each of two field targets. One target was set at 33 Yards, the other at 71 Yards from the shooter. Ten points per impact. Possible total 40 points.

Stage 6

This stage was similar to stage 5. Two field targets were set at 33 and 71 Yards. Two shots on each, unsupported or from sticks. Possible total 40 points.

Stage 7

Field targets at 58 and 77 Yards were in place for stage 7 of the Action Armour Steel Scramble. The same scoring and rules as stages 5 and 6 applied.


Stage 8


This was the first benchrest stage. Triple spinners were set-up at 50 and 75 Yards. One shot on each spinner made a possible total of 10 points. As always, no hit, no score!

Stage 9

The second benchrest stage with triple spinners at 75 and 100 Yards.

Stage 10

The final benchrest stage. Again two triple spinners, at 100 and 50 Yards.

As you can tell, the Action Armour Steel Scramble was a very tough Course Of Fire at Extreme Benchrest 2022!

Congratulations to all the shooters, but especially to the three winners.


First was Justin Welch with a total score of 362.8. Second was Dave Thornton with 362.7 – the tie break was in action here! Third was Pete Papathemetrios with 352.8.


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