Pyramyd Air Cup – Day Three Report

The third and final day of the Pyramyd Air Cup 2014 dawned brisk and beautiful. There was not a cloud to be seen. Other than a little wind it just couldn’t have been more perfect.

The second part of the Field Target Competition started at 10am.

Pyramyd Air Cup 2014

The winners were:

Pro PCP – 1st Place – Paul Cray, 2nd Place – Greg Sauve
Sportsman PCP – 1st Place – B. Rabbitt, 2nd Place – C. Smith
Pro Springer – 1st Place – Ray Apelles, 2nd Place – Hector Medina
Sportsman Springer – 1st Place – Eric Brewer, 2nd Place – Tom Gaylord

After another delicious lunch put on by the Tusco Gun Club the Gunslinger Competition was held.

Pyramyd Air Cup 2014

The Gunslinger Competition was similar to the Offhand silhouette that was held Friday. The same banks of silhouettes were used. Two shooters were paired up from the same class. When the start was called each shooter shot all the silhouettes as fast as they could. When someone finished all of them time was called and all shooting stopped.

The winner from each set would go up against each other until it was finally narrowed down to the top 2 which then went head to head against each other. The PCP shooters shot from a bench rest while the springer’s had the option of shooting from the bench or field target style. What a lot of fun to watch all the action as each shooter tried to shoot accurately and fast!

The winners in the gunslinger competition were:

Pro PCP – Tyler Patner
Sportsman PCP – tied between brothers Tom and Dennis Himes
Pro Springer – Ray Apelles
Sportsman Springer – Eric Brewer

When every event was tallied we moved on to the awards ceremony. The Grand Prize winner of $1,000 plus a new gun was Ray Apelles. Ray had the highest combined score for all the events.

Ray Appelles Wins the Pyramyd Air Cup 2014

Above, Ray Apelles receives the Grand Prize at the Pyramyd Air Cup from Tyler Patner, the master of ceremonies for Pyramyd Air.

Pyramyd Air was very generous with their prizes. Each winner in 1st – 3rd place received a silver cup and a prize of a gun, scope or gift card.

When all is said and done Pyramyd Air did a great job of putting on the first annual Pyramyd Air Cup competition. Everyone had a great time on a beautiful fall weekend.

We all thank Pyramyd Air and the Tusco Gun Club for a job well done. What a great event to look forward to next year!