RMAC 2019 Day One – The Competition Starts!

Thursday June 6th was RMAC 2019 Day One. It’s the day the serious shooting started!

The opening event was the 25 Meter Benchrest competition. This was run in two relays in the morning. After Lunch, the RMAC 100 Benchrest competition began with no less than five relays for Card One of the competition.

First let’s look a little at the venue. It’s the Garth Killpack Shooting Range. The location is just a few miles from the Utah Airguns store and here’s how it looks for RMAC 2019 Day One…

RMAC 2019 Day One - The Competition Starts!

As you arrive, you see the range located in a beautiful canyon surrounded by spectacular mountains. The entrance passes over a small dam that restrains the lake you can see in the foreground of this photograph. In the distance you can see the tents and permanent structures that house the Rocky Mountain Airgun Competition.

What a location!

Moving closer, the place is full of competitors’ vehicles. It seems as if everyone in the airgun world must be here…

RMAC 2019 Day One - The Competition Starts!

Now we find a great selection of booths from many famous companies in the airgun world. There’s lots to look at!

Utah Airguns has also installed a large tent to provide a covered seating area. This was extensively used as an eating area for the Lunch provided by a food truck. Great pizza! The shooters meetings were also held in this area, as we see below.

There are two well-appointed ranges with covered firing points…

And the targets have some of the world’s highest backstops, as we can see when competitors march downrange to discover the effect of their shooting efforts.

RMAC 2019 Day One - The Competition Starts!

Already on RMAC 2019 Day One we can see the amazing draw this competition has become in only its second year. The event is awash with famous airgun names from YouTube and the industry.

For example, here’s Tobias Schmidt (left), the International Sales Manager for Diana Airguns. The gentlemen on the right is his boss, Michael Swoboda. Michael is the CEO of the entire German Sport Guns organisation that owns Diana (together with other famous firearms brands). They were here on a trip from Germany!

Below we see Florian Schwartz (right), the CEO of H&N Sport, talking to Blaine Manifold, the CEO of Hatsan USA. Blaine had travelled up from Arkansas, but Florian was another visitor who had come all the way across the Pond from Germany. There’s plenty of commitment to RMAC from the airgun industry!

It’s clear that the Utah Airguns team has put a huge amount of time, effort and money into organising the Rocky Mountain Airgun Competition. They’ve done everything possible, but even they couldn’t control the wind and the weather that made shooting so challenging today, as we’ll cover in tomorrow’s report…

Stay tuned 🙂