RTI Arms At Extreme Benchrest 2019

RTI Arms is a Slovenian company which is developing a range of bullpup PCP air rifles. They are available in the USA through Airguns of Arizona.

Their first model is called the Priest. HAM readers learned of the Priest version 2 from our IWA Show report earlier this year. The Priest is a modular, tactical-looking PCP with a straight-pull bolt action that’s available in a range of calibers.

RTI Arms is a growing company that’s really serious about their air guns. For this reason, they made the significant investment of sending a team of 7 people all the way from Europe to attend Extreme Benchrest 2019.

RTI Arms At Extreme Benchrest 2019

Robert Polanc, on the left in the photograph above, explained to me that RTI saw Extreme Benchrest as a great learning experience. The company wanted to learn about long range shooting and competition in the US environment, he said.

They also wanted to see and talk to experienced airgun shooters from the US and other countries. And – of course – to raise the profile of their own products in the USA.

Although it was their first time out, Team RTI did extremely well! Francisco Eizayaga won the Unlimited Class in the 50 Yard Benchrest competition. That’s Francisco receiving his prize from Lauren Parsons of AoA in the photograph at the top of this story.

RTI Arms At Extreme Benchrest 2019

The Priest is an extremely compact, light air rifle which uses a straight pull bolt. The barrels are cold forged, manufactured by the famous Czech company CZ.

In fact, Team RTI were also using Extreme Benchrest as part of their development testing for a forthcoming version of the Priest. This has a sidelever action and will be called the Prophet. It certainly looks extremely similar to the Priest Version 2 in most respects.


RTI air rifles offer a quick caliber-change capability, combined with an external regulator and HPA tank for flexibility. (There’s a choice of alloy or carbon fiber tanks, for example). The Priest uses a standard AR15 pistol grip and the Picatinny scope rail is engineered with a 20 MOA drop built-in, especially for long-range shooting.

RTI Arms At Extreme Benchrest 2019

On top of that, Team RTI were a great, friendly group of guys. In particular, Robert Polanc had me in stitches with a whole series of side-splitting jokes!

It looks as if we can expect to see a lot more of RTI Arms in the future. You can find out more about the company and their products on the company website.

RTI Arms At Extreme Benchrest 2019