Exclusive First Look At New Benjamin BD25 Match Grade Pellets

Here’s an exclusive first look at the new Benjamin BD25 Match Grade Pellets. Yes, correct! They are the .25 caliber version of the company’s “Single Die” program.

These new .25 caliber pellets are the latest outcome from the company’s comprehensive manufacturing process control improvement project.

So far, there have been .177 and .22 caliber versions of Benjamin’s “Single Die” pellets. HAM has tested both and found them very consistent, Gold Award winners. Check out our .177 caliber review here or the .22 review.

There’s no HAM test yet for the Benjamin BD25 Match Grade Pellets, but we’re expecting to see similar results when we do. Watch this space…

These new .25 cal pellets are also produced in the company’s Bloomfield, New York manufacturing facility. So those airgunners looking for US-made airgun pellets now have another choice.

New Benjamin BD25 Match Grade Pellets

These 27.9 Grain pellets are supplied in tins of 200. The following close-up photographs show that – even much-magnified and chosen completely at random – they are clean and well-finished. Not the minimal mold seams, for example.

New Benjamin BD25 Match Grade Pellets

Although they are not yet for sale, it’s clear that the Benjamin team is very close to having these .25 pellets complete and “ready to roll”. And no, I don’t have an availability date yet to share…

New Benjamin BD25 Match Grade Pellets

Packaging of the new .25s is the same as for the other Benjamin Match Grade pellets. There’s a card sleeve containing the tin, all in the Benjamin house colors.

I have no news yet on pricing either. However, the example of the other Match Grade pellets would lead to a conclusion that they will be more expensive than existing Benjamin .25 ammo, but still strong value.

Please remember that this is an exclusive first look at these new pellets for HAM readers, a “sneak peek” if you like. It’s NOT a formal launch, but that can’t be too far away…

My guess is that it will be worth keeping an eye on the Benjamin Airguns website. That’s likely to be one of the first places these new .25 caliber pellets will be available for purchase.