Exclusive First Look At The New Crosman 3622 PCP Air Rifle

Hard Air Magazine brings you an exclusive first look at the new Crosman 3622 PCP air rifle. A lot of shooters are going to be excited by this new airgun!

The 3622 was formally launched at the 2024 SHOT Show and HAM brought you the details then. Now we have a real, live gun in our hands.

Crosman 3622 PCP Air Rifle

To be clear, this is NOT a prototype, or a pre-production gun but an early, full production sample. In fact, this gun was given to me directly from the assembly line in Bloomfield New York.

Yes, it’s manufactured in the USA and it’s clearly going to be available to buy very soon.

As a reminder, the Crosman 3622 PCP air rifle will be selling at a Street Price of around $130. Yes, just one hundred and thirty Dollars!

That’s an un-precedented price for a PCP air rifle. What makes it even more outstanding is that it’s not only made right here in the good ole’ US of A, but it’s also backed with a 5-year warranty. WOW!

Clearly Crosman is aiming for this gun to be the one that brings PCPs to the masses. That’s obvious in the packaging. After all, that’s what sells products in “big box” retail environments.

So we see that the 3622 is shown as being suitable for hunting and pesting, with a capability of up to 25 shots per fill and that all-important Muzzle Velocity of 700 FPS. It’s a .22 caliber gun, of course, as Crosman aficionados will understand from the model number.

To reinforce that message, there’s an innovative “gas gauge” on the back of the box explaining how Muzzle Energy translates into hunting capability.

Crosman is also investing in consumer education for the 3622. Believing – undoubtedly correctly – that the 3622 will be the first PCP for many people, customers will be able to scan a 2D bar code in store and find out what a PCP airgun is and how it operates.

That seems a very smart move to me.

However, despite the big box appeal, the first places where you will be able to buy the 3622 will be at Pyramyd and the Crosman online stores. Start looking in March 2024…

OK, so much for sales and marketing. What about performance?

Well, this is definitely NOT a test review, but I had to know something about how the Crosman 3622 PCP air rifle shoots. So I took a tin of its “natural” ammo – Crosman Premier Hollow Points – and shot them unsorted and straight-from-the-tin across a chronograph with a 2,000 PSI fill.

Here we can see the results…

Crosman 3622 PCP Air Rifle

Below we see a little explanation added to the graph. As we can see, the 3622 achieved a peak Muzzle Velocity of 718 FPS.

This gun achieved 27 consistent shots – where “consistent” is defined as an Extreme Spread of 40 FPS – at an average of precisely 700 FPS. That’s a Muzzle Energy of 15.56 Ft/Lbs.

As we all know, that Muzzle Energy is very likely to increase if heavier pellets were to be used.

So – at a first glance – the new Crosman 3622 PCP air rifle meets the manufacturer’s headline claims.

That’s a great start! HAM will bring you more about this game-changing new airgun in the near future. Watch this space!