Extreme Benchrest 2019 Is Already Completely Booked!

It’s clear that interest in long range benchrest competition is growing rapidly among US airgunners. There’s still a month to go and Extreme Benchrest 2019 is already completely booked. In fact, there’s a waiting list of hopeful participants…

Of course, long range benchrest shooting is all about accuracy. The interest in this shooting discipline shows how the airgun market is changing from a mania with FPS to an interest in being able to hit what you aim at!

In the past, the most important feature for any airgunner was maximum FPS. But that’s changing fast as more and more customers – and manufacturers – take a more informed approach to our sport.

It’s also why more and more people are looking at our HAM pellet test reviews. Accuracy is the product of more than just the air rifle. It’s about high quality pellets, a good, clear scope and good, old-fashioned shooting ability.

Extreme Benchrest 2019 Is Already Completely Booked!

HAM understands that 160 people have already registered to compete at the ninth annual Extreme Benchrest competition. This compares to the 140 who attended last year.

Among them is Claudio Flores from Chile (below). Claudio will be back to defend the 100 Yard Benchrest Pro championship he won last year. Let’s see if he can be the first to win this prestigious event in two successive years.

No pressure on Claudio at all 🙂

Extreme Benchrest 2019 Is Already Completely Booked!

As usual, there will be a big bore match and the extremely-popular American Field Target competition. For those wanting to cool off indoors, there’s a pistol competition, too.

And if you want to see the new LCS SK-19 full/semi-auto air rifle, you’ll have an opportunity to try one out on the test range. Besides being a ton of fun, this is also a very accurate air rifle that can be used for serious precision shooting in single-shot, semi auto mode.

HAM Publisher Stephen Archer will definitely be trying it out again himself!

Extreme Benchrest 2019 Is Already Completely Booked!

Even if it’s too late to register to compete at Extreme Benchrest 2019, you’re still welcome to join those who come just to watch the competition. You can hang out with the shooters, study their techniques, look at all the airgun eye candy and try that SK-19 also…

HAM publisher Stephen Archer will be at Extreme Benchrest 2019. He looks forward to seeing you there!