Extreme Benchrest 2019 Winners

Here’s the official list of Extreme Benchrest 2019 winners…

The headline 100 Yard Extreme Benchrest Professional competition winners are shown in our photograph above. In first place was Nikolay Boldov (center) from Moscow, Russia. Congratulations Nikolay!!! He scored 225 4X to win $5,000.00, a trip to the Daystate factory in England and his choice of air rifle from any of their products. WOW!

(Check out Nikolay’s RusBear YouTube Channel for details of his airguns and EBR 2019 coverage in Russian!)

In second place with a score of 221 3X was Ken Hicks from Southern Precision Air Weapons. He won $1,000.00. Jason Barnes placed third with 219 3x, winning $500.00.

Extreme Benchrest 2019 Winners

The Extreme Benchrest 2019 winners in the Sportsman’s Class were Mike Bricker with 217 4X, right above. Ron Ransom (center) scored 215 5X and Don Enox (left) placed third with 212 3X.

Mike won a $1,000 gift certificate from Airguns of Arizona, together with a trip to the Daystate factory and his choice of air rifle.

Extreme Benchrest 2019 Winners

And now for the Junior Class! First in the 100 Yard competition with 456 10X was Alex Hatfield (right). Second with a score of 446 12X was Sebastian Lopez (center). Garrett Thomas placed third with 435 13X.

The “One Gun Challenge” at EBR 2019 rewarded those competitors who used just one rifle for all the appropriate competitions. In first place was Allen Scoles (right) with a total score of 717.2. Alan had traveled all the way from Australia to participate in the competition and was shooting a borrowed Daystate Red Wolf. Well done Alan!

Second was Nikolay Boldov with 715.2 and third (left) was Bobby Corcorran who scored 707.8.

A highlight of Extreme Benchrest 2019 was the Speed Silhouette competition…

Extreme Benchrest 2019 Winners

In the Open – that means “anything goes” class, Alex Hatfield – amazingly still a Junior! – won with a time of 22.05 seconds. That’s Alex on the right, holding the LCS Air Arms SK19 air rifle that he won for this achievement.

Second was John Bagakis (center) who cleared the course in 23.11 seconds. Travis Patten from Airgun Depot placed third with a time of 31.58 seconds.

Extreme Benchrest 2019 Winners

The Speed Silhouette Pro Class was won by Tom Adams (right) in 49.55 seconds. Second was Anthony Turchetta in a time of 58.98 seconds. Todd Hatfield (Alex’s Father) was third in a time of 60.94 seconds.

The Pro Class was the scene of high drama as Tom Adams fought tooth and nail with Sebastian Lopez. In fact, Tom’s time was shorter than Sebastian’s by just 1/100th of a second! But Sebastian knocked his timing box off of the bench and was not able to confirm that he had finished. So he was unplaced. Aaaaggghhhhh!

In spite of his youth – he’s still a Junior – Sebastian took it in his stride. But in a display of the utmost generosity, Tom offered to share half of his $1,000.00 winner’s prize with Sebastian. In a reciprocal display of maturity, Sebastian graciously declined Tom’s offer. He felt that it was his fault that the timer fell from the bench and he should accept responsibility for that.

Well done to both shooters! That’s a wonderful example of the great people who attended EBR 2019 🙂

Then Daystate owner Mauro Marocchi also stepped in to award Sebastian a Brocock Concept Lite air rifle in recognition of his fantastic effort (below). Again, that’s great generosity!

In the Sportsman Class Speed Silhouette competition, Mike Bricker placed first with a time of 1.21 seconds. That’s Mike on the right below. Second place was taken by Chuck Misenheimer (center) in 74.87 seconds. Dave Corder was third in a time of 92.43 seconds.

Extreme Benchrest 2019 Winners

In the 50 Yard Benchrest Unlimited Class, Francisco Eizayaga from Spain placed first with a score of 670 10X. Francisco is seen on the right in our photograph below.

Second was Linda Koch with 665 14X and Alan Scoles placed third with a score of 650 12X.

Extreme Benchrest 2019 Winners

Tony Starr won the 50 Yard Benchrest Springer Competition with a score of 450. Jim Florence was second with 372 point, while David Read placed third with a score of 348 points.

Congratulations to all of the winners!

Although EBR 2019 is now over, Hard Air Magazine will be bringing you more stories and photographs about this event over the next few days. Close to 180 shooters took part and I can confirm that they all had an outstanding time…