Extreme Benchrest 2022 Registration Is Now Open

UPDATE: Extreme Benchrest 2022 Registration is already completely full! All slots at the top airgun event of the year were taken WITHIN THREE HOURS! Wow! Yes, it’s true…

Airguns of Arizona has announced that Extreme Benchrest 2022 registration is now open.

This highlight of the airgun shooting season will largely follow the previous format set so successfully over many years, with some additions. If the 2021 experience is anything to go by, you’ll want to register RIGHT NOW if you want to participate. Last year, the Extreme Field Target competition was completely sold out within 24 hours!

The formal opening time for registration was 10:00 AM Mountain Time today, 1 August.

The Competitions are as follows:

One Gun Challenge. Basically this is an award for the highest-scoring competitor who uses the same air rifle for every competition. Details can be found here.

Extreme Benchrest (75 Yards with 100-Yard Final).

Speed Silhouette.

50 Yard Benchrest.

Extreme Field Target (full details of the classes can be found here).

Big Bore (class definitions are shown here).

Action Armor Steel Scramble. (This is a new competition. The Scramble Match will combine four lanes of Precision/NRL22, three lanes of Extreme Field Target and four lanes of Benchrest shooting. The Scramble Match is comprised of reactive steel targets and you can find details here).

So don’t wait! get your Extreme Benchrest 2022 registration under way right now.

See you there 🙂